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How To Become Invisible Online

internet spyOnline privacy is a concern to so many people, and this has increased after the PRISM scandal involving many internet giants.  The Internet forms a large part of our lifestyle and we find it hard to do without it, what therefore is the solution,

A good approach is to replace your workflow with open-source tools that aren’t attached to these companies, since they easily stay off the government’s radar.


Below are some Open source alternatives which can substitute major software applications.

Alternative operating systems

It’s nearly certain that you use either Apple’s OS X, Google’s Chrome OS, or Microsoft’s Windows. And guess what? Different programs can access and retrieve system files from your computer.

If you want to make your computer as invisible as possible, you’re better off running an alternative operating system like Debian or GNU

Alternative web browsers

Tor is a decentralized way to navigate the web without leaving a trail, but you have to be slightly tech-proficient to configure it correctly. Grab help from a technologically fluent friend or follow a walkthrough online.

Privacy plugins for your browser

You can use Torbutton to instantly enable Tor, a method of browsing the Web in such a way that you’re untrackable. We also like HTTPS Everywhere, which forces your browser to use HTTPS, a far more secure protocol than HTTP.

Alternative payment systems

Bitcoin is the standout giant when it comes to off-record anonymized money transfers.

Alternative cloud storage

If you want to keep your cloud storage private. SparkleShare is an awesome way to do this instead.

It’s pretty fully-featured, offering a lot of the same services you’d get from major cloud services, like file syncing. It’s even free and open source. This is self-hosted, however, meaning you or a tech-savvy friend will have to set it up on your own

Credit: Business Insider


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