Introducing StealthGenie Mobile Spy app – The Perfect Blend!

stealthgenie mobile spyWhen you want all things perfect bundled up for you say in your smartphone or tablet or laptop or any other gadget, you want the same in the mobile spy app that you’d want to install on your kids or employees’ phones for better monitoring. You would want the best features, flexibility, and undetectibility fused with the minimum possible price. That’s called a perfect blend! Many critics call StealthGenie a perfect blend; let’s put this claim to test!

What’s a Perfect Blend?

mobile spyA perfect blend is the one that has all the niceties fused together so smoothly that you can’t tell one thing form another yet everything manages to maintain a distinctive flavor that is all so perfect! So when you go for mobile spy, make sure it is the perfect blend of all the best things involved and they are so nicely interlinked that it works as a unit.

Is StealthGenie a Perfect Blend, Too?

After 6 months of a through testing, I am able to say it with certainty that yes, StealthGenie is a perfect blend. It has all what you’d want to keep tabs on your kids and employees without risking your reputation and credentials by being caught in the works!


StealthGenie is a mobile spy app that can be installed on any Android, iPhone or BlackBerry phones secretly. After installing the app on the target phone once, you get a remote access to all the content saved on the phone forever. You won’t have to touch the target phone again to know the phone usage stats and whereabouts.

Specs that StealthGenie offers happen to supersede all other spy apps and it is easily the most efficient spy app as well. You get to spy on all:

  • SMS
  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Web history
  • Gallery
  • Geo-location
  • SIM change


StealthGenie adds novelty and that is what sets it apart from any other mobile spy app. It is the first spy app to be compatible with all Android OS versions including Jelly Bean and is the only app to support iPhone 5 and iOS 6 as well. Additionally you get following exclusive features for tracking:

  • WhatsApp chats
  • Apps installed on phone
  • BlackBerry PIN messages and Task Logs
  • Gmail app
  • Location history
  • Trigger alerts
  • Phone surroundings

Modest price makes it a perfect blend by catering to clients with varied economic backgrounds. You can start using StealthGenie mobile spy app starting from $8 a month!
I’d say StealthGenie is very easily a balanced and an efficient mobile spy app and a perfect solu6ion for all your monitoring convers at home and office- try it and you would agree with me, too!


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