phone buggingThe government of Tanzania has ordered the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and other relevant authorities to investigate on leakage of confidential phone calls and take legal action against culprits. This follows revelation of some private communication details which were published by the section of media contrary to the Electronic and Postal Communications Act No. 3 of 2010 (EPOCA) and the Tanzania Communications (Consumer Protection) Regulations of 2005.

The Department of Information (MAELEZO) in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday issued a statement warning telephone companies, media and the public to shun from such illegal acts. It department also called on the respective telecommunication companies to conduct investigations on those involved in the revealing of such information for publication in the media.

“The government would like to remind telephone companies, media and the public in general that revealing people’s private communication is breaching of the EPOCA and the Tanzania Communications (Consumer Protection) Regulations 2005,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further quoted section 98 of the EPOCA which states that any person who is a staff of a licensed communication company or its representative, has the obligation of preserving confidential information of clients in accordance to the law.

It further noted that regulation number 12 of the Tanzania Communications (Consumer Protection) Regulations 2005 says communication service provider is not allowed to interrupt customers’ communications.

It added that the regulation also does not allow revealing of such information unless it is so demanded through existing laws.

“Therefore the public is warned against looking for people’s private communications from service providers and making use of such information illegally,” reads another part.

The government further assured the public that their right of privacy in communication will remain preserved in accordance with the law.

In the statement released by Chadema recently through its member of the national executive committee who is also party’s lawyer, Mr Mabere Marando, some private communications leaked to the public.

The statement which was also published in the section of local media, mentioned over 20 mobile phone numbers accusing owners of making communications with ill intentions to harm others.

Credit: Daily News