Tanzania begins Manufacture of its own Helicopters

The East African nation of Tanzania has begun the manufacture of its own helicopters, and according to reports, it will be taking to the skies soon.

A two seater chopper which is in its final stages of production will start test flights once it is granted permission by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority.

The plan was initiated by the Arusha Technical College, department of Mechanical and Engineering as an alternative to easing the transport issues by offering affordable choppers to Tanzanians.

“We are complementing President Magufuli’s industrialisation policy in pioneering the first locally made helicopters that will be available to ordinary residents at affordable prices,” explained the man behind the ATC chopper project, Engineer Abdi Mjema


The chopper will have a flying ceiling of 400 to begin with, due to the high altitude in the mountainous region and a non-pressurized cabin, but will have it increased to the flying height of a normal commercial chopper which is 8,000 feet above sea level.

The college says they will be able to produce up to 20 choppers in a year when the project gets a nod from higher authorities.


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