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Tanzanian Man Charged For Insulting President John Magufuli On WhatsApp

According to BBC news today, Mulokozi Kyaruzi, a Tanzanian man is facing charges after he allegedly shared comments on Facebook-owned social service platform, Whatsapp calling President John Magufuli an imbecile.

He’s been charged under the controversial cybercrime law becoming the second person to be charged under the law for insulting the president.

The law was highly criticized for infringing freedom of expression when it was enacted last year.

Here’s a translation of what he is alleged to have said:

“Doesn’t [President John Magufuli] have advisers? Isn’t he advisable? Or is he simply an idiot? He is such an imbecile; he doesn’t consider the law in place before opening his mouth! Or is he sick of ‘Mnyika-disease’?”

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