aitec-africa-logo-bgAITEC, in collaboration with eMaginations ore organizing an event to acknowledge African financial technology service brands that have consistently delivered value to customers in the sector.

AITEC has organised the annual Banking & Mobile Money (ABMM) conferences and other African technology events for over 25 years, while eMaginations, the publishers of Financial technology magazine has a presence in over 14 African countries.

The awards will be co-located with one of AITEC’s ABMM conferences each year, starting with its conference for the COMESA region, to be held in Nairobi  coming September.

eMaginations hosted the Nigerian Financial Technology Awards in 2012 in Lagos with over 25 awards categories, which was attended by switching, software, mobile money operators and financial institutions in Nigeria.

The partnership was described as “a combined effort to reward and encourage excellence in technology and service, ” by AITEC Chairman, Sean Moroney, and eMaginations’ Managing Director, Sola Fanawopo at the agreement signing ceremony in Lagos last week. Moroney expressed optimism about working with eMaginations’ team, adding that its previous accomplishments and solid track record in industry awards had made hosting the African version of the awards a compelling proposition.

He said the parties have mutually agreed to work together to add value to leading African financial technology service brands, while creating a credible competition platform that would compete favourably with other similar global platforms.

According to Moroney, the parties would jointly host the awards dinner at a selected ABMM conference annually between ABMM venue cities across Africa, and would working together to secure the support and participation of all relevant national, regional and international stakeholders.

While AITEC will be responsible for the rest of Africa and international financial technology services brands, eMaginations will handle sponsorships in West Africa. Each partner will operate in its area of primary influence.

“Development of awards categories, judging criteria, the jury as well as development of the training workshop programme which is linked to the awards and other nitty-gritty aspects of the awards would be jointly handled by both partners,” he said.

On his part, Fanawopo said that the awards would provide a platform to encourage and reward professional excellence and dedicated service and achievement in financial technology services sector, project AITEC and eMaginations’ leadership roles in Africa’s financial services sector and enhance the role of the ABMM conference series in gathering Africa’s banking and payments sector on an annual basis.

Credit: This day Live