Two Ugandan Innovation-tech Hubs Added to AfriLabs’ Pan-Afrikan Innovation Hub Network

28 new innovation-tech hubs, 7 new cities and 1 new country added to AfriLabs' Pan-Afrikan Innovation Hub Network.

Pan-Afrikan Innovation Hub Network, AfriLabs has today announced that it has added 28 new innovation-tech hubs, 7 new cities and 1 new country, to its Pan-Afrikan Innovation Hub Network. This totals to 268 innovation hubs in 49 African countries.

The newly added hubs, 14 were from Western Africa, 9 from Eastern Africa and 5 from Central Africa. From Eastern Africa, two were Ugandan hubs; Muni University Business Incubation Centre and WITU Hub.

Esther Nansbuga, Programmes Manager at Women In Technology Uganda (WITU), in a press statement said her team looks forward to connecting with other hubs across Africa to learn and share knowledge to support young women and girls to become innovative, technologists, and entrepreneurs in Africa’s tech economy.

AfriLabs made a commitment 10 years ago to promote and support innovation across Africa —and this involves building a community that provides solutions to solve real-life issues for Africans and solving those problems affects the rest of the world at large, and this is still our goal.

“We are always excited when we admit new members into our network. A journey that started 10 years ago, we still remain true to our core values of building and supporting a community that powers innovation in Africa,” Ms. Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director of AfriLabs said about the latest admission of members into the network.

With the number of innovation hubs springing up on the continent, it is crucial that they have a community of like-minded individuals to co-create with and also have adequate support for growth. These hubs as we know play a pivotal role in the economic growth and development of their various countries.

“The future is full of opportunities for the African Tech Ecosystem because of communities like ours, and our arms are always open to innovation hubs that want to be a part of us,” says Ekeledo.

The Ugandan hubs in the network include; Hive Colab, The Innovation Village Kampala, Design Hub Kampala, Outbox Hub, NFT Mawazo Innovation Hub, Rafiki Social Vision, Makerere Innovation and Incubation Centre, Women In Technology Uganda (WITU), and Muni University Business Incubation Centre.


Joan Banura

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