Pivot-EastEast Africa’s premier Mobile Startups competition and conference Pivot East in Partnership with K:Lab Rwanda will host an outreach workshop in Kigali. The theme of the workshop is: Raising the quality of mobile startups in the region and improving their investability.

It is an m:lab East Africa initiative to amplify and consolidate the gains of East Africa’s Mobile developer and entrepreneurship ecosystem. To participate in the competition, startups must be domiciled in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia or DR Congo.

Pivot East is conducting  a series of information outreach workshops across the region for mobile developers and  entrepreneurs. The main purpose of these workshops is to inform on some of the areas that the judges will be looking for from the startups during the competition and to call for submission of applications.

The first workshop was held in Nairobi at iHub on 23rd March 2013 from 10:00 – 12.30pm.Subsequent informational workshops will be held in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania respectively. The workshop in Kenya was facilitated by Connor McCarthy from Sinapsis, John Kieti from m:lab East Africa and Moses Kemibaro producer Pivot East 2013.

The workshops focus on three key areas, which are as follows;

  • Defining the customers’ problem and the unique solution.

  • Searching for a viable business model and going to market.

  • Demonstrating traction and commitment towards being an investable business.

The workshop act as eye openers for individuals who already have startups, those planning to in future and especially to those participating in pivot East 2013 because this are some of the areas that the judges will be focusing this year.