UG Tickets Emerges as Runners-up in the PIVOT East Awards

A Ugandan-based startup; UG Tickets has emerged as runners-up in the PIVOT East awards — in the entertainment category that was won by a Kenyan startup; Cloud9xp.

Two Ugandan startups; UG Tickets and AT HAUSE Limited were among the 25 finalists selected for the sixth edition of PIVOT East awards. A startup competition geared towards nurturing the growing startups and SMEs in East Africa.

The finalists emerged in finance, social Impact, enterprise, entertainment, and utilities categories. UG Tickets and AT HAUSE Limited were in the ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Utilities’ categories respectively.

In the utilities category, Coinbox from Kenya won with Sheria Kiganjani from Tanzania emerged as runners-up.

Notably, not only did Kenya dominated the finalist’s list followed by Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia, they also had the most winners. Five winners to be exact — winning in all the categories.

The PIVOT East Award | Courtesy Photo
The PIVOT East Award | Courtesy Photo

UG Tickets (Entertainment Category)
The startup is an online platform designed to facilitate the selling, marketing, and distribution of tickets for the convenience of event organizers. Events range from music, football, festivals, conferences and talk-shows, among others.

Consumers purchasing the tickets from their places of convenience can make their payments using mobile money and receive the tickets directly on their mobiles via Email and SMS.

AT HAUSE Limited (Utilities Category)
The startup that provides a insect and rot resistant bags to store produce for longer periods and enable the produce earn better. The producers are pulled together disaggregated farms to a smart value chain linked to wholesalers financed to purchase farmer’s stock.

The wholesalers are connected to marketplaces available with large-scale agro buyers in Africa, Dubai and the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

Other than pitch competition, PIVOT East is also a program of targeted entrepreneurial workshops, and conference for entrepreneurs leveraging technology to provide products or services to customers, and business advisory sessions.

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