Prof. Apollo Nsibambi sits on a students bed at Buloba High School after commissioning a two-storied dormitory and a Science Laboratory
Prof. Apollo Nsibambi sits on a students bed at Buloba High School after commissioning a two-storied dormitory and a Science Laboratory

Former Premier, Prof. Apollo Nsibambi  asked schools to promote Mathematics and Information Communications Technology in order to prepare students to become productive and useful to society.

He said natural sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology play a key role in improving people’s quality of life, any policy that targets developing scientific talents, knowledge and skills used to produce these outputs should therefore be supported.

Prof. Nsibambi, the pioneer patron, was Saturday addressing students and parents of Buloba High School in Wakiso district Uganda where he commissioned a two-storied boys’ dormitory that accommodates 540 students and a Science laboratory named after him, in appreciation of his late father, Simeon Nsibambi who donated land for this school.

“It is important to note that the Laboratory was significantly equipped. As a Professor, I am fully aware that effective teaching of any natural science subject requires proper teaching facilities, including laboratory apparatus, reagents and qualified science teachers and lab technicians.It makes science teaching practical, thereby making science concepts visible, practical and easier to understand,” he said.

Prof. Nsibambi however warned schools not to promote science at the expanse of teaching and learning humanities and co-curricular activities, but rather forge a balance in order to tap the varied artistic and other potentials and talents of the students.

The former Premier appealed to students to always balance school time between academic studies and co-curricular activities because a healthy mind is promoted by a healthy body.

He also appealed to them to abstain from sex until marriage and desist from indiscipline as they prepare to become relevant, productive and useful in society.

The retired bishop of Mukono District Uganda the Right Rev. Eria Paul Luzinda asked teachers and parents to attach value to inculcating in children proper morals to avoid engaging in acts of corruption, robbery and other unbecoming acts when they grow up.

He said corruption was eating up society and fighting it had become a challenge to government but explained that this was many people were attaching value to wealth acquisition instead of instead of working for eternal life.

The head teacher, Simon Patrick Kimbowa said the school has 1,105 students, 580 of whom are girls, with 52 qualified teachers. He said the new science laboratory would boost the teaching of sciences both at ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.


Information from New Vision has been used in this Article