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Facebook adds ‘save for later’

Website iMore reports that users will see a notification informing them that they can “press and hold on a story to save it for later”. The function will work similarly to the way that many other websites use “favourites”, making a status update or status update available in a private folder called “Saved”.

The new option raises the possibility of Facebook beginning to challenge services such as Flipboard and Instapaper, which allow users to aggregate a number of stories to read them later. Although Facebook’s current update is not on the same scale, it is moving in a similar direction. The social network recently added the option for users to subscribe to brands or their favourite friends.

Facebook also earlier announced that it was updating how users see photographs and offering them the chance to “Favorite” photographs so that users see the images users like most more prominently.

Both the photos update and the ‘Save for later’ option appears not to be available outside America yet, but are likely to roll-out internationally shortly.

Source: Telegraph


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