Little Monsters: Lady Gaga’s social network now opens to the public

We took a quick look around the site and here’s what we saw…


There’s a simple sign-up process, just fill in a few basic details, take a quick tour and away you go. Little Monsters feels a lot like Pinterest when you first sign in and this is the Media section, where you’ll see everything other little monsters have been posting, you can click on things to zoom in, write comments and then rate them, because the better content then moves up to the top of the screen.


The Discuss tab is basically like a forum, allowing you to respond to different topics and post your own. There’s a real sense of community throughout the whole platform, allowing you to rate and police all kinds of content and discussions that are taking place.

The Open Chat feature over to the right hand side is like your very own dynamic chat panel, allowing you to flick between rooms and get to know other monsters.

The News and Events tabs are full of Lady Gaga focused content right now, but we imagine that monsters can fill these sections up with other things that interest them over time too.

Just like Facebook you can receive messages, view recent notifications and the Monsters tab shows you who you’re following, who’s following you and suggests other monsters to connect with.

We’ve only just dipped our toes into the crazy Little Monsters pool, but so far we like what we see and wonder whether other artists and celebs will follow suit and create their own online destinations or whether Gaga’s the only one with the dedicated fanbase to really pull it off? We think the latter.

It certainly helps that she’s so outspoken and spreads her ethos of being strong, kind and original with users as soon as they sign up. Here are the inspirational words we got from the lady herself after becoming a member, also known as The Monster Code:

  • Be brave. Dare to create and share your art with the world.
  • Be kind. Encourage and support your fellow monsters. We don’t want to put anyone down, be it other Little Monsters or other artists.
  • Be tolerant. Never make anyone feel unwelcome or judged; treat everyone with respect, love and acceptance.
  • Be original. Please only upload content you’ve created or have permission to post.
  • Be a contributor. Post good content and good discussion will follow. Don’t ask for likes. Up-vote great comments, and down-vote those that take away from to the discussion (there is no room for negativity within
  • Be safe. Protect your privacy, and respect the privacy of others.
  • Be respectful. Keep things appropriate for everyone, including all of the young little monsters out there. Please no nudity or explicit content. If you repeatedly post content that offends the community, we may have to limit your access.
  • … be yourself.

Whatever you think of Lady Gaga’s music, you can’t deny she speaks up about a lot of important and often controversial topics and has really pushed the boundaries when it comes to fashion, tech, human rights, current affairs and the unique way she really connects with her adoring fans.



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