Lenovo Want Windows Phone Customization

  • Lenovo has sent a team of R&D executives to negotiate with Microsoft aiming to gain more freedom on the UI customization of the Windows Phone OS. […] [It] is looking to get a bit more control than your average OEM.

Only Nokia currently has permission to make tweaks on that level. The Nokia-Microsoft partnership runs deep, something that Lenovo cannot say, from a smartphone perspective.


Those hoping to read the tea leaves would do well to recall that HTC recently tried to obtain similar latitude with Windows RT, and were more than told no. Microsoft shut them out entirely. From our previous coverage:

  • Today, 4th July, Bloomberg broke news that HTC will not be allowed to build Windows RT (the tablet version of Windows 8). Reasons included a lack of sales volume, and experience. However, another factor came into play:
  • “HTC engineers wanted to build a Windows device with a customized home screen that would be distinctive to its devices, as manufacturers are allowed to do with Android. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft refused, said the people, and HTC was left off the list of companies the software maker provided with early versions of the software.”

Source: theNextWeb


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