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Android smartphone OS twice as popular as iPhone

Windows Phone was not far behind with 17% of the vote. This is particularly interesting as, according to a recent Kantar ComTech survey, Windows Phone accounts for only 2.5% of the current smartphone market, while Apple’s iOS holds 28.7% and Android 48.5%.

RIM, the Canadian company that makes the Blackberry, won’t be comforted by the fact that only 6% still has faith in its current offerings. This is another intriguing outcome from the poll, since BlackBerry makes up 17.1% of the UK smartphone market at present.

The remaining 2% of the poll went to the category ‘other’, which must be the final nail in the coffin for Nokia’s tragically unloved Symbian platform.

Surprisingly, however, PC Advisor announced that nine times as many readers access their website using an iPhone than using an Android device. This suggests that Android is now a more desirable platform, even among iOS users, and that it should pull further away from Apple’s iOS platform.

The same can be said for Windows Phones, whose users visit PC Advisor in insignificant numbers when compared to Android and Apple smartphone users. Yet, in the poll, Windows Phone performed well. This suggests current Windows Phone users are extremely satisfied with their smartphone’s operating system, and those who are not using a Windows Phone at present plan to do so in the near future.



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