The School’s Director, Michael Oseji,  said that “Digital Arts Academy is an accredited Apple and Adobe training centre that enables you start and develop a career, fuelling your passion in digital arts using the latest tools, techniques and technology.EA_Sports_logo

“It is an affiliate of Friends of Design, a reputable Digital Arts Academy located in South Africa. We offer over 30 specialised courses uniquely tailored to suit the needs of executives, working professionals and creative individuals in the design, media and advertising as well as the printing industry”.

He said the courses focus on the entire spectrum of Adobe software and Apple digital applications available. Oseji added that, “DAA exists to bridge the shortage gap in the digital application industry, which includes film editing, graphic design, sound editing and web design industry through high quality training in the latest digital design tools, both software and hardware”.

The courses on offer at DAA cater for a wide variety of audiences in the highlighted areas, ranging from up-starts to professionals.

by Technology Africa Writer