It is the first outside service that has gained this level of access to Apple’s iOS system, although Apple was rumored to be striking a deal with Facebook after images of the OS with a Facebook entry in the Settings app surfaced earlier this year. With services like single sign-on and Twitter account syncing, the potential for growth is huge, as evidenced by the  increase in Twitter signups.

The OS presents such incentive to use Twitter that it is effectively driving people that might not have used the service to at least try it out. Whether these signups translate to ‘real’ users of Twitter remains to be seen, but Costolo is optimistic about Twitter’s chances to convert inactive users into participants, saying back in September that “you come in, find things you’re interested in, get a timeline, and start engaging that way. Maybe after a while, after you’re following a bunch of accounts, you start to re-tweet,and then you start to reply to things after re-tweeting.”

At that same informal business meeting, Costolo said that Twitter had 100M active users, 50% of which logged on every day. He reiterated that statistic today. Back in September, Costolo also noted that although they had 100M users, the site was seeing some 400M unique visitors, saying that the number “shows that people are getting value out of Twitter without logging in.”

When the announcement was made of the deal that Twitter had scored, it became clear that the ‘information network’ had effectively gained an immortality clause, all but guaranteeing its existence as long as the iOS platform continues to grow.

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Source: thenextweb