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First computer forensics firm with e-crime lab established in Ghana

The company, e-Crime Bureau has been established to offer a wide range of services including computer and mobile phone forensics services, digital forensics expert witness services, data security  and cryptographic services, e-fraud investigations  and countermeasures, incident response and cyber intelligence analytics.

In addition, the company is developing strategic partnerships with research partners, both locally and internationally to carry out research into the emergence of online criminal behaviour which continue to dent the credibility of countries in the sub-region.

This was contained in a release copied to Ghana News Agency in Accra on Monday.

“The fact that many international reports continue to rank Ghana and Nigeria among the top cybercrime offending nations is a worrying development for our countries, especially at the time when our governments are actively promoting ICT literacy at all levels; our enthusiasm to accelerate development through ICT should be complemented with ethical behaviour online as a nation, ” Mr Antwi-Boasiako stressed.

“Our resolve in establishing the first ever computer forensics lab in Ghana is to assist businesses and government institutions across the sub-region to secure their ICT infrastructure and to provide investigation support in high tech crime cases,” He added.

Mr Antwi-Boasiako said apart from services in ICT infrastructure security and computer forensics being provided by the company, e-Crime Bureau would also develop training programmes in cyber security, incident response, internet investigations and computer forensics.

The company has also developed partnerships with global cyber security and computer forensics solution providers to help provide customised technology support through the deployment of appropriate software and hardware solutions.

The e-Crime Bureau Team is made of both local and international consultants with varied specialisations in the field of cyber security and computer forensics.

One of the strategic goals as a company is to expand its operational base across Africa and to facilitate greater working cooperation with stakeholders including businesses, academic institutions, law enforcement bodies and government departments.

The company has begun discussions with local representatives to open e-Crime Bureau branches in other Africa countries.

The release said e-Crime Bureau was a major sponsor of the Fourth Forensic Conference for Africa scheduled in Accra, from December, 5-9.



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