AITEC plans to gather all the continent’s leading outsourcing companies, policy-makers, analysts, service providers and innovators at the Summit to share their knowledge and experience, while at the same time learning from international trends and best practice.  Leading international outsourcing experts have already confirmed that they will be making presentations and leading masterclasses at the Summit. Keynote speakers include:

  • Bobby Varanasi, CEO of Matryzel Consulting in Malaysia and board member of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, speak on “Globalization, services commoditization, competitive markets and responses from developing nations”
  • Jerry E. Durant, Chairman Emeritus of the International Institute for Outsource Management in the US, will speak on “Outsourcing 2011 – It’s all about business value”
  • James Hunter, Worldwide Head of Strategy and Product Delivery at IBM will make a presentation on “How to cut costs, reduce risk, and increase agility across service-led development projects”
  • Pumela Salela, BPO/ITeS Consultant at World Bank in the US will make a presentation on “Building African outsourcing alliances and developing nearshoring opportunities across the continent”
  • Dr Anil Sahai, Head of the AITEC Academy, based in Silicon Valley, will speak on “How Africa will become an international outsourcing player”. 
  • A wide range of African and international industry leaders will participate in the event. Each of Africa’s outsourcing countries, including Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Mauritius, Rwanda, Egypt, Morocco and Rwanda, have been invited to have national pavilions in the exhibition to showcase their outsourcing capabilities. 

NOTE: in the USA, a media partner for the event, is offering the following White Paper for participants as research material for the conference: