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Issue 8 Released!

The Internet has changed how consumers buy and organizations market in today’s economy. The promise of the Internet in the marketing function of organizations is seen as direct dialogue with customers and enhancing opportunities for branding initiatives, product customization, and relationship building with customers. It is becoming an increasing norm for organizations to achieve this objective of understanding customers and their needs by forming or building a community of its customers or potential customers online.

Obviously PC Tech is one of the many initiatives that have benefited from online activities. A fast growing online community of readers, fans and technology enthusiasts including over 2,500 Facebook members has seen our website’s traffic ranking (global) move from over 22Million in May 2010 to just over 90,000 in October. What we found even more interesting is the country rank of #22 in the last week of October ( is #1, New Vision, is ranked #6).

So we have done a feature on online communities, and considerations on might need to bear in mind before starting one.

As expected, there is a lot that you will find in this issue. The Digital Natives workshop in Johannesburg early this month (of course PC Tech is attending), features on social networking, antivirus software, games and the upcoming Africa Internet (and mobile) entrepreneurs’ conference.

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Other than the daily news updates here, see you next month!

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