Vivo Announce Plans to Launch its V30 Series in Kenya This Month

Following the success of the V29 series, Vivo has announced that its anticipated V30 series is set to make its debut in Kenya this month.

Vivo has announced today that its highly anticipated V30 series is set to make its debut in Kenya this month. Following the success of the V29 series, Vivo is poised to introduce the V30, boasting unparalleled imaging capabilities and a sleek design, solidifying its position in the competitive smartphone market.

With the impending launch of the V30, Vivo aims to bolster its V series portfolio, delivering an exceptional user experience in the photography and design realms.

Commenting on the impending launch, Mr. James Irungu, the Brand and Communications Manager, emphasized Vivo’s commitment to innovation in photography and design. He highlighted the V30’s upgraded Aura Light Portrait feature as a testament to Vivo’s dedication to providing users with powerful tools for exceptional photography experiences.

According to the company, the V30 promises to revolutionize smartphone photography with its innovative features. Leveraging the acclaimed Smart Color Temperature Adjustment function from its predecessor, the V29, the V30 takes it a step further with the introduction of Distance-Sensitive Lighting, ensuring optimal brightness adjustments based on subject proximity for captivating portraits. With its rounded rectangular design, the device’s Aura Light Portrait feature will showcase Vivo’s meticulous attention to detail, promising the user’s effortless masterpiece creation.

In addition to its photography prowess, the V30 is reported to boast a visually immersive experience with its 3D Curved Screen and 120 Hz refresh rate, ensuring a premium visual experience for users.

Each iteration of Vivo’s V series is known for its unique Color, Material, and Finish (CMF), and the V30 is no exception. With vibrant color options such as Waving Aqua, Lush Green, and the timeless Noble Black, Vivo continues to push the boundaries of creativity in smartphone design.

The series will come with a 5000 mAh (TYP) battery supporting 80W FlashCharge.

It is also reported that the V30 series will be the company’s slimmest phone yet — powered by the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processor and will make no compromises on performance. According to the company, the V30 promises seamless performance even during extended usage.

As the V30’s launch countdown begins, it heralds a new chapter in smartphone innovation, promising to redefine user experiences with its blend of elegance and advanced camera capabilities. Stay tuned as vivo prepares to reshape the smartphone landscape once again.

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