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Liquid Intelligent Technologies, ATC Uganda Extend Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Across Kampala

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, ATC Uganda partner to provide convenient and high-speed internet access to users in Kampala.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies has partnered with ATC Uganda to expand its (Liquid) public Wi-Fi network to 320 hotspots across Kampala. Overall, this partnership aims to provide convenient and high-speed internet access to users in Kampala, enhancing their online experience and connectivity, without the need for data contracts.

Supplementing its 280 hotspots launched last year, Liquid will use ATC’s tower infrastructure to set up additional Wi-Fi hotspots in the downtown area, starting with Luwum Street. To access the unlimited internet, users can purchase a voucher and select the Liquid Wi-Fi hotspot SSID on their devices.

In a press statement, Michael Mukasa, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Uganda, said, “Through this public Wi-Fi initiative, Liquid is supporting the government’s 2022 announcement of installing 2,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, extending internet access to remote areas.”

Wi-Fi hotspots in public locations are invaluable in today’s digital age — allowing users to access the internet wirelessly for work, school, socialize, and access online resources, among other reasons. Additionally, by providing internet access in underserved areas, hotspots play an important role in bridging the digital divide and promoting social inclusion.

“With just over 13 million internet users in Uganda at the start of 2024 and with internet penetration at only 27%, there is much to be done in ensuring that more people in the country have access to the resources they need to thrive in the digital economy,” said Mukasa.

Liquid’s collaboration with ATC Uganda offers numerous benefits to end users including the availability of high-speed internet with speeds reaching up to 1 Gbps, ideal for bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming, gaming, and downloading large files. Because the network operates on the less congested 5GHz frequency band, it ensures a smoother and more reliable internet experience.

Moreover, the service offers flexible payment options, with the choice of purchasing daily or weekly vouchers, allowing users to tailor their internet access according to their needs and duration of stay in the downtown area.

Another unique benefit is that the cap is on time, and not on speed or data. Internet prices have been a major hindrance when it comes to accessing information and other services — however, Liquid’s hotspots will be accessed at affordable prices.

By expanding internet access through these hotspots, Liquid is not only supporting the government’s vision for national development and digital inclusion, as articulated in the country’s Digital Transformation Roadmap, but also ensuring that Ugandans have access to connectivity where they need it in public offices, hospitals, universities, hotels, shopping malls, and residential apartments. This aligns with Liquid’s vision of a digitally enabled Africa where no one is left behind.


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