HiPipo Unveils Nominees of the 2023 Digital Impact Awards Africa

The Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) celebrates digital excellence across the Africa; big or small, local or international.

HiPipo has unveiled the 2023 Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) nominees after a verification process that has been ongoing since mid-July.

The shortlisted nominees come from hundreds of entries done through the nomination portal and direct digital submissions by potential contenders and their supporters.

The nominees are shortlisted in 14 categories, and from each category will emerge one overall winner determined by a combined public jury vote. The categories include; Financial Inclusion Excellence, Digital Banking Excellence, Banking Innovation Excellence, Community/MFI Banking Innovation Excellence, FinTech Innovation Excellence, Financial Services Digital Excellence, Consumer Goods Digital Excellence, Utilities & Government Services Digital Excellence, Community Digital Empowerment Excellence, Technology Services Digital Excellence, Digital Campaign Excellence, CEO of the Year, Digital Brand of the Year, and Digital Brand of the Decade (2014 to 2023).

“While all nominees are winners, the overall winner per category will be determined by a combined public-jury vote,” HiPipo wrote in a press statement.

The nominees in each category include;

Digital Banking Excellence
1. ABSA Bank.
2. Centenary Bank.
3. DFCU Bank.
4. Stanbic Bank.
5. Standard Chartered Bank.
Financial Inclusion Excellence
1. Hospital Sente by Airtel Money, Prudential Uganda, and Turaco.
2. Kawu Smart Card by Kawu Uganda.
3. MaMa’s Account by clinicPesa.
4. MSacco by FutureLink Technologies.
5. Questbanker by Quest Digital Finance.
Community Digital Empowerment Excellence
1. Church Offertory and Tithe Collection by EzeeMoney.
2. Digital Messaging Platform for Catholic Dioceses by Cente Tech.
3. MTN ACE-Tech.
4. Oracle Academy.
5. Tawaza Digital Varieties.
Banking Innovation Excellence
1. Cente On The Go Account by Centenary Bank.
2. FlexiPay by Stanbic Bank.
3. Mobile Banking Solution – ELMA by Craft Silicon.
4. SC Shilingi Funds by Standard Chartered Bank.
5. WENDI Digital Wallet by Post Bank.
Community/MFI Banking Innovation Excellence
1. Centenary Bank.
2. Future Link Technologies.
3. Letshego.
4. Post Bank Limited.
5. Pride Microfinance Limited.
Financial Services Digital Excellence
1. Airtel Money.
2. MFS Africa.
3. MTN MoMo.
4. Stanbic Bank.
5. Standard Chartered.
FinTech Innovation Excellence
1. Hamwe Pay by Hamwe East Africa.
2. Micro Merchant by Airtel Money.
3. MTN MoMo Open APIs.
4. SafeCar by SafeBoda.
5. SchoolPay by Service Cops.
6. Xente Visa Card.
Consumer Goods Digital Excellence
1. Café Javas.
2. Hariss International.
3. Jude Color Solutions.
4. Jumia Uganda.
5. Movit.
6. StarTimes Uganda.
Utilities and Government Services Digital Excellence
1. NSSF.
2. NWSC.
4. URA.
5. URSB.
Technology Services Digital Excellence
1. Airtel.
2. Cente Tech.
3. Comviva.
4. Ericsson.
5. Huawei.
6. MTN.
Digital Campaign Excellence
1. #KikoleForLess with FlexiPay.
2. #NoTuteeseOffline by SafeBoda.
3. Beera Smart by Airtel Uganda.
4. Beera Steady – Be Better by Next Media and Partners.
5. Together We are Unstoppable by MTN Uganda.
CEO of the Year
1. Anne Juuko – Stanbic Bank.
2. Dhimant Shah – Craft Silicon.
3. Fabian Kasi – Centenary Bank.
4. Japhet Aritho – Airtel Mobile
Commerce Uganda Limited.
5. Richard Yego – MTN MoMoSanjay.
6. Rughani – Standard Chartered Bank.
Digital Brand of the Year
1. Airtel.
2. Centenary Group.
3. MTN Uganda.
4. MultiChoice Uganda.
5. Stanbic Bank.
6. Standard Chartered Bank.
Digital Brand of the Decade – 2013 to 2023
1. Airtel.
2. Centenary Group.
3. Jumia.
4. MTN Uganda.
5. MultiChoice Uganda.
6. NWSC.
7. SafeBoda.
8. Stanbic Bank.
9. Standard Chartered Bank.

The Digital Impact Awards Africa recognizes, celebrates, and appreciates different (stakeholders) individuals and organizations that are spearheading the use of digital mediums to better serve their communities. The awards are one of Africa’s most important gatherings of C-Level Executives, and senior Digital and IT executives. In addition, DIAA is also a platform that promotes Digital Inclusion, Financial Inclusion, and Cyber Security.

DIAA further celebrates digital excellence across Africa; big or small, local or international.

From its inception in 2014, DIAA was met with immense enthusiasm, with the majority of the market recognizing it as an initiative poised to elevate the industry to new heights. Despite this optimism, questions were raised about its sustainability. Skeptics drew parallels with earlier initiatives that, like DIAA, began with considerable market excitement, only to fade away prematurely. Yet, DIAA has persevered, defying these predictions and cementing its role in leading the industry’s progress.

DIAA has not merely weathered the passage of time, but it has significantly transformed Africa’s trajectory in digital and financial inclusion. With each passing year, DIAA continues to make groundbreaking strides, redefining expectations and leading the charge toward a digitally inclusive future for all of Africa.

Celebrating a decade of digital transformation, the 10th edition of the Digital Impact Awards Africa is slated for November 17 2023 at Kampala Serena Hotel as part of the annual Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit.


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