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ClinicPesa: Empowering Ugandans Through Innovative Healthcare Financing

ClinicPesa empowered individuals to take control of their healthcare expenses, ensuring that no one has to compromise their well-being due to financial constraints.

ClinicPesa has emerged as a beacon of hope in Uganda’s healthcare system since its launch on November 29th, 2022. Through its innovative digital solutions, it has empowered individuals to take control of their healthcare expenses, ensuring that no one has to compromise their well-being due to financial constraints. This has been possible by fostering a culture of saving, providing seamless payment options, and promoting responsible healthcare management.

ClinicPesa is a digital platform for managing medical expense savings, micro-loans, and payments. It enables users to set aside money in increments, which can then be used to pay medical bills at any ClinicPesa registered healthcare facility, including given pharmacies.

Healthcare providers receive the payment immediately and securely while gaining access to patients who previously could not afford their services.

Using clients’ mobile money transaction records, the system also computes a credit score and automatically offers a suitable micro-loan when users are paying a bill larger than the amount they’ve saved. In addition, users can also share their funds with others and/or make payments on others’ behalf.

For expecting mothers, ClinicPesa recently developed a feature called ClinicPesa MaMa. The feature calculates the expected cost of transport to a clinic, antenatal visits, birth kits, and delivery and generates a savings plan tailored to the stage of pregnancy.

Joan Kembabazi from Kiwatule said that during her pregnancy in 2022, she discovered ClinicPesa MaMa’s service and decided to create an account with her husband becoming a valuable tool for them to save for medical expenses, mama kits, transportation, and emergencies. The peace of mind she experienced during the crucial moment of delivery, knowing that all necessary funds were readily available, exemplifies the transformative power of ClinicPesa in supporting maternal healthcare.

Through its digital platform and strategic partnership with MTN Mobile Money, ClinicPesa has empowered uninsured Ugandans to take control of their healthcare expenses and improve their overall well-being. The testimonials of satisfied customers shed light on the profound impact ClinicPesa has had on individuals, families, and healthcare providers across the country.

Dr. Desire Kirabo, Executive Director of Women Wellness and Family Clinic in Mbale, praised ClinicPesa’s contribution to women’s healthcare.

“ClinicPesa has enabled over 400 mothers to plan and save for their maternal journeys, as well as other healthcare needs for themselves and their families,” said Dr. Kirabo.

Dr. Kirabo also noted that by providing dedicated medical savings accounts, ClinicPesa instills financial discipline and security in patients, eliminating the need for treatment on credit. She says the seamless payment process through ClinicPesa merchant codes has streamlined operations for healthcare providers and reduced administrative burdens, benefiting both parties.

Shillah Ebong, a resident of Ntinda, stumbled upon clinicPesa while searching for savings accounts in Uganda. Impressed by its specialized nature, she created her account via MTN Mobile Money and embraced clinicPesa’s autosave feature. The real-time savings tracking, convenient medical bill payments, and the option to withdraw savings at the end of the year with a 5% interest are some of the reasons why Shillah recommends ClinicPesa.

By providing flexible savings options, ClinicPesa caters to individuals from all walks of life, allowing them to save any amount, no matter how small, for their healthcare needs. This inclusivity ensures that even low-end customers can proactively manage their healthcare expenses.

The availability of instant medical loan top-ups has provided a safety net for individuals whose savings may not be sufficient to cover medical expenses, enabling them to promptly access the treatments they require.

A nurse taking care of one a patient using ClinicPesa services. COURTESY PHOTO
A nurse taking care of one patient using ClinicPesa services. COURTESY PHOTO
clinicPesa’s impact extends beyond financial management

By promoting health-seeking behavior and medication adherence, ClinicPesa is positively influencing health outcomes for its users. The reduction in self-medication and incomplete dosages indicates that ClinicPesa is fulfilling its mission of improving access to healthcare and fostering a culture of responsible healthcare management.

Looking towards the future, ClinicPesa aims to expand its network of partners to provide even more value to its customers. With a vision to support the implementation of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and achieve universal health coverage for all Ugandans, ClinicPesa is determined to make a lasting impact on the country’s healthcare landscape.



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