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Five Ways to Advertise in Jacksonville This Winter

With Jacksonville’s dense population, transit marketing is a perfect tactic to integrate into a Jacksonville-specific marketing strategy.

Jacksonville, Florida is the most heavily populated city in all of Florida with 911,528 residents. With the holiday season just around the corner, businesses, startup entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders who want to take advantage of this specific market need to understand the most effective advertising strategies for this region. There is a plethora of marketing and advertising tactics that organizations often look to in today’s day and age, but there’s no doubt that some are more effective than others.

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign can greatly depend on the people it’s designed for. This means it’s on the shoulders of advertising and marketing professionals to learn the ins and outs of their target demographic in order to create marketing campaigns that will be impactful and effectively grow the business.

If your brand is looking to make a splash with the consumers and residents of the city of Jacksonville, look no further than the tips and strategies below covering everything from Jacksonville billboards to social media advertising.

1. Near, Around, and in Sports Stadiums

Much to the chagrin of sports fans all around the nation, we’re already approaching the halfway mark of the NFL season. The Jacksonville Jaguars, who have notoriously been a sub-par team both leadership and talent-wise, finally have a little bit of a spark. The team began to turn things around in the 2021 draft with the first overall pick. With that pick, the Jaguars took Trevor Lawrence who was one of the most highly anticipated quarterbacks to come out of college in the last few decades.

Then, the team gave Lawrence a legitimate offensive weapon in Christian Kirk who inked a major deal for himself after making a splash with the Arizona Cardinals.

With the excitement and buzz of a young, high-potential, generational-type quarterback, and a team that’s getting younger and better with every passing year, the stadiums in Jacksonville are once again overflowing with fans.

These stadiums make for perfect advertising opportunities. With the amount of both foot and street traffic that major sports stadiums see, and the current atmosphere among Jacksonville sports fans, getting your brand in with this crowd will be a great way to boost sales, growth, and even consumer loyalty.

2. Utilizing Universities and Colleges

With the largest population in the entire state of Florida, Jacksonville is also home to a number of universities and colleges. Some of the biggest higher-education programs in the city of Jacksonville include the University of North Florida, Jacksonville University, Keiser University, Florida State College at Jacksonville, and Edward Waters College.

All of these schools have a unique and individual reputation while serving high student populations. All of this comes together to create a very advertising and marketing-friendly space that brands and organizations can utilize in order to connect with a younger generation of consumers who will soon be living young-professional lives. Connecting with college kids in this stage of their life can also lead to a life-long consumer relationship.

3. Billboards, Billboards, Billboards

Jacksonville billboards are a great way to reach the majority of the population. With heavily populated roads and highways that travel in, through, and around the city, Jacksonville offers a plethora of extremely attractive billboard real estate.

Billboards are popular in most metropolitan areas because of their wide reach and ability to increase brand awareness at such a fast pace and on such a large scale. Billboards are best to be placed along busy highways populated by commuters, or even around other major city destinations that attract a lot of foot traffic.

Going back to the stadium idea, sports stadiums typically offer a variety of billboard real estate that can be highly effective.

4. Social and Digital Advertising

When it comes down to it, there’s no escaping the virtual and digital age that we’ve evolved into. No matter where your business is based or what target demographic you’re aiming for, social media marketing and digital advertising absolutely must have a role in the overall marketing plan.

Social media offers businesses a direct line to millions upon millions of users and a massive variety of options when it comes to marketing and advertising techniques or tactics. For instance, you could run a paid advertising campaign, or you could develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy that utilizes a variety of social media influencers.

There’s something on social media for each and every brand that’s out there.

5. Transit Marketing Opportunities

Transit marketing is yet another marketing and advertising strategy that is popular in and around metropolitan areas. The main philosophy behind transit marketing is to make use of regular commuter traffic in order to get eyes on marketing materials and increase impressions, awareness, and eventually sales.

With Jacksonville’s dense population, transit marketing is a perfect tactic to integrate into a Jacksonville-specific marketing strategy.



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