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How to use Instagram Bots Free to Boost Online Business in 2022

There are many ways to automate routine processes and increase your online presence in affordable ways on Instagram and one way is using AI-based bots.

After the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 60% of businesses worldwide started trading online, and two years later this figure increased to 80% only in the USA and Europe. Many companies that used to work locally are now entering global markets, blurring the boundaries between states and reaching an international audience.

As competition increases, advertising costs rise and entrepreneurs are forced to get even more creative to promote their products on social media. If you work on Instagram, there are many ways to automate routine processes and increase your online presence in affordable ways. In this article, we will look at how artificial intelligence-based bots can help with this.

Bots and Sales

The use of various software to automate the maintenance of social networks is not at all new. The first bots were invented over 5 years ago and were mainly used to like, comment, and add new followers to the account. At first, this brought results, but Instagram algorithms very quickly recognized such activity and blocked many pages. It is worth noting that the social network positions itself as a platform for people, therefore it fights with all sorts of software to stimulate the creation of original content and a real reaction from real users. Many people wonder if they are still able to employ Instagram bots free, legally, and safely. The answer is yes! But you need to be careful in your choice of tools.

For example, the Inflact bot on Instagram is a reliable and trusted instrument for social media administration. Let’s have a look in detail and explore how AI-driven bots help to sell more.

First, let’s look at what affects sales. You need a quality product, good advertising, and a talented sales team that will communicate with the audience. If everything is usually clear with the first two points, many entrepreneurs sooner or later realize that their team is not perfect. Unlike offline stores, online sales happen 24 hours a day, you can’t just hang a “Closed” sign on your Instagram page and go out to dinner with your family. When people see the ad they want to order goods here and now. No one will wait until your lunch break or weekend is over. The reality is that if the client does not receive an answer in the first few minutes, he will most likely forget about your company and find the right product or service from competitors.

Bot integration solves the problem of accessibility. You can set up a system of simple auto answers to your customers’ repeated questions. When a person clicks the “Send Message” button, he/she will see a menu and will be able to get basic information without your participation. Thus, not a single client will be lost. The sales manager will be able to connect to the dialogue at any time.

Here are some bot features to increase sales:

  • Automatic answers to recurring questions 24/7 allow you to quickly respond and keep yourself with customers.
  • The bot works as a CRM system to segment the audience by interests and assigns different tags depending on what stage of the sales funnel a person is at.
  • The program collects customer contact details by storing this information in a database.

Thus, it automates the work of the entire sales department, allowing you to use the time of employees as efficiently as possible. You no longer need to manually answer each inquiry if the questions are repeated. You just need to write a script with detailed answers once and artificial intelligence will find the necessary information and send it to a potential client. No matter what time of the day, people will receive an answer within a few seconds.

The correct understanding of selling with bots

I want to rid you of your illusions. Bots are not a magic wand that can take your business to the skies and guarantee sky-high profits without much effort. You still need to work on improving product quality and customer service. With Inflact, you can process more requests at the same time, manage communications, and segment your audience. If you do not understand how it works in theory, it is better to take a trial for 2 weeks or a month to check everything personally.

It is worth considering using a bot when your following grows over 1,000 people or the number of daily requests exceeds 100. If your business is exclusively online, connect Inflact as early as possible. You can also use it to schedule posts on schedule or select hashtags for promotion. More than 1.2 million companies worldwide already use this tool to manage their social media activity. The integration of modern software is an investment in future development and an opportunity to be one step ahead of the competition.


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