5 Tricks To Make Your Writing More Engaging

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Writing requires plenty of skill and practice. As a writer, you need to learn the art of catching your audience’s attention. Good writers are capable of engaging their audience in their work. To do well in your academics, you should strive hard to make your writing more interesting.

Here are some tips to make your writing more engaging.

Write in the Active Voice

You can look for a place to buy essays online to order a well-researched customized essay on the benefits of using active voice. There are many benefits of preferring active voice over passive voice as it makes your writing more engaging. It is recommended that you polish your grammatical skills to make your writing error-free. Your readers will be put off by the grammatical mistakes you commit during your writing. Practice writing in an active voice to make your writing more engaging to your audience.


If you seek help from an expert on how to make your writing more interesting, they will advise you to use an active voice. You can make your writing sound direct and energetic by using an active voice. Your readers will feel more engaged with the events you have narrated in your writing. Moreover, the readers will easily understand what is happening and efficiently track the proceedings. It helps to keep your audience interested till the end.

Some writers think that using passive voice gives their writing an academic touch, and they can sound more intellectual using passive voice. However, readers find the writing more boring in many cases if they use passive voice in their writing. Using the active voice will construct neater phrases that will make your writing better and more appealing. You will only end up making long and complex sentences if you make a habit of using the passive voice as your preferred structure. Consequently, your readers will find your writing quite boring and difficult to understand. As a writer, you should make a sincere effort to make your writing more enjoyable for your readers.

Choose Precise Words

If you want your readers to call your paper a masterpiece of interesting writing, you should start using more precise words. Clarity is the key element of good writing skills. You can make your writing sound clear to your readers by using precise words that can help deliver the message clearly to your audience.

Sometimes, writers use complicated language to make their writing more interesting for their audience. It is recommended that you not take this path as this technique often results in disaster. It makes your writing sound boastful, and your reader may find it difficult to understand. In addition, your readers would lose their interest as they would like to make a strenuous effort of comprehending what message you are trying to give through your writing.

If you strive for engaging writing, you should keep your writing to the point. Make sure that you use exact words to deliver your idea. Using precise words will make your writing clear, and you will keep your audience interested. Using words wisely to convey your idea is the key to writing engaging articles. Using lofty words that your audience is unfamiliar with to convey your message is not a good idea. Choosing more straightforward and more familiar words is the way to go if you are wondering how to make my writing better.

Vary Consecutive Paragraph Structures and Lengths

If you wish to make your writing engaging for your audience, you need to be creative to develop your point of view in your paper. By bringing a variety in paragraph structure and length, you can make your articles more interesting. You can use different paragraph structures to give your writing an exciting touch. You will have to choose from different styles of structures as per the requirement of your article.

It will help if you also make an effort to make sure that your essay has paragraphs of different lengths so that your audience can notice the stylistics in your writing. It will give your writing that unique touch and your readers will appreciate the way you use writing techniques to good effect. You can change the length of your paragraphs according to the style of the paper that you are working on.

It is important that your writing should not have a monotonous touch. By varying the length and structures of your paragraph, you will create an exciting reading for your readers. You should plan well before you sit to write your essay and give due consideration to the length and structures of your paragraphs. Plan for what specific effect you will alter the lengths of your paragraphs and what you will try to achieve by doing that. Your success depends on how creative you are in engaging your audience, and you can do that by bringing variety to your writing.

Borrow Some Creative Writing Techniques

An effective means of making your writing more engaging is to use creative writing techniques. You can use several creative writing techniques to write exciting papers. These stylistic devices can help you create great content that your readers can visualize and easily understand your message. For example, you can use the following techniques for different purposes to make your writing more interesting.

  • Use the “Rhetorical Question” technique to think about a particular point. You can also use this technique to express strong emotions in your writing;
  • You can use the technique of “Personification” to give an exciting touch to your writing. Personification will help you in interestingly portraying nonliving things;
  • Use the technique of “Onomatopoeia” to make your stories sound more realistic. Your audience will find this technique quite appealing;
  • You can use “Colloquial language” to make your readers relate more to your writing.
Avoid Cliches

Make sure that you don’t develop a habit of overusing words. It is a habit that you can develop, and most of the time, you don’t even notice that you are using sentences again and again. You often repeat the exact phrases and sentences that make your writing sound more redundant. It will help if you read your writing to identify whether you repeatedly use words and sentences. Your readers will get tired of the repeated expressions and find your writing quite dull. So avoid clichés to make your writing more interesting.

These are some useful and easy-to-follow tips you can use to make your writing more engaging and exciting. All you have to do is keep your write-up straightforward and use easily understood vocabulary so that your reader stays glued to your paper.