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6 Most Popular Ways to Earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

There are many ways to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, but all require time and effort. Here are some easiest, fastest, and most rewarding ways to earn Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

Making more money is always useful, so you’ll want to make as much FFXIV Gil as possible. Final Fantasy XIV players can buy better weapons, delicious hairstyles, magnificent mounts, and even their very own house with Gil, the in-game currency. We want to fill our pockets with as much Gil as possible. The fastest way to earn Gil is to complete quests, sell items, kill enemies, and complete dungeons and challenges.

There are many ways to make Gil, but all require time and effort, so don’t get overly excited. A few hours can’t make you the richest FFXIV player. Here are some easiest, fastest, and most rewarding ways to earn FFXIV Gil in this article.

  1. Purchases from NPCS and resales on the Market Board

You shouldn’t buy anything from an NPC just because it’s there. It takes more tact to do this! You can see the Market Board check what is re-sellable from Beast Tribes and what you can purchase from Tomestones when it comes to the items you may be able to purchase. This type of reselling is usually profitable since you’re essentially converting what’s only available in special currency into Gil.

  1. Make and Sell Boss Themed Weapons

The most popular items on the market board are usually boss-themed weapons. Be sure to check the market board daily to see the price. Prices can spike or suddenly become very low. The fact that they are quite shiny should explain why they are so desirable.

Several of Final Fantasy‘s bosses refer to past games, resulting in their popularity among fans. More Gil will be sold for a weapon that is harder to defeat.

  1. Selling loot from Heaven or the Palace of the Dead

It is best to level classes quickly in Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High, which have interesting loot. Heaven on High is the better of the two special dungeons, but it is for higher-level players.

These dungeons are likely to yield loot worth selling. Minions, orchestration rolls, and other items are among these. You’ll likely want to keep the loot even if it is unsellable (like a rare mount).

  1. Send Retainers On Ventures

Send retainers on ventures as often as possible. You might be able to sell loot if they return. Depending on the level and class of the retainers, some of the loot can sell for quite a bit. It is common for minions such as the Fat Cat and minions that are extremely rare to sell for millions of Gil.

You have to spend Ventures on sending retainers out. They are easy to earn by completing beast tribe quests or spending the credits you earned from FATEs and quests.

  1. Selling Eureka rewards

After completing the level 70 quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka” given by Galiena at Rhalgr’s Reach (Y:12.5, X:9.8), players will access Eureka Anemos, an instanced area. There are many things in this instanced area that refers to Square Enix’s previous MMO, Final Fantasy 11. Many tasks are available in Eureka, and many of them offer rewards. Some of these rewards can make huge profits, like the Final Fantasy 11-themed minions in Eureka that the FATEs can earn when put on the market board.

  1. Sell and hunt minions

Several players try to collect as many minions as possible in Final Fantasy XIV. There are many ways to find minions, including dungeons, raids, crafting, and gathering. A few minion types can be sold on the market board, and players earn Gil by seeing which minion type is currently selling at the highest price and then buying them.


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