4 Reasons Why PC Builds Are Better Than Gaming Laptops

Are gaming laptops better than PC Builds? When we see PC Builds, they have only one disadvantage: they are difficult to carry.

I’ve seen many people who want to play games on laptops because laptops are easy to carry, and they can play games while traveling and performing different activities. That’s the reason people love laptops compared to PC Builds.

But are laptops better than PC Builds? When we see PC Builds, they have only one disadvantage: they are difficult to carry. Before purchasing a PC build, you’ve to clean your room and the place within your room to install your entire build.

After you’ve installed your PC Build, you cannot drag it here and there again and again. After one install, people don’t think of moving it, and also, it isn’t easy because the weight of PC Build is 10x higher than laptops.

That’s the only disadvantage of having a PC Build. But there are 4 reasons that PC Builds are better than laptops, and I will highlight each of them soon.

Laptops are best for travelers, and PC Builds are worse for them. You cannot carry your PC Build in the office because of its weight. But still, PC Builds are best for gaming, and here are the 4 reasons why:

4 Reasons PC Builds are Better Than Laptops For Gaming

  1. No heating issues.
  2. Numerous USB ports.
  3. Inserting a graphics card is not a problem.
  4. Getting a 4K display is not a problem on PC Build.

These are the 4 major reasons why PC Builds are better than laptops, and I will explain this in brief detail.

No Heating Issues

On a laptop, you get 2 small fans with some heat pipes included. These 2 fans start making noise when you put some load on your laptop. Let’s say you run Red Dead Redemption 2 on your laptop at ultra-high graphics and maximum resolution. Now, what happens is, these 2 fans start making noise, and you feel irritated. Plus, the temperature of your laptop increases because you’re running a heavy game at maximum settings.

But when we look at the PC Build. You can easily insert 6 external cooling fans with RGB Lights. You can easily equip your PC case with 6 cooling fans, plus you get a lot of space because cases have numerous holes from where the heat gets out.

So these 6 cooling fans with 2 other fans, one on the processor’s side and the 2nd one on the power supply side, don’t let any heat stay inside the motherboard. So that’s the first reason PC Builds are better than laptops.

On laptops, you only get 2 fans with 3-5 heat pipes, but on PC Builds, you get 6-8 cooling fans that work together. PC Builds don’t get heated because they have 6 fans working continuously.

You can play Red Dead Redemption 2 on maximum graphics, and there are 8 fans available to cool down the temperature. So that’s the first major reason why PC Builds are better than laptops for gaming.

Some laptops have dual fans of outstanding quality, but you’ve to visit Bigeno to find such laptops because most website owners misguide gamers, but Bigeno’s website never misguides any gamer. It shows genuine laptops.

Numerous USB Ports

On laptops, you get 2-5 USB ports max, but your motherboard is equipped with numerous ports on PC builds. For example, MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi Motherboard has more than 12 USB ports of the latest formats, including USB 3.1 Gen 1, 3.2 Gen 2, and C-Type ports.

But on laptops, you only get 2 ports and a maximum of 5 ports. So what’s better? 4 USB Ports or 14 USB ports of the latest formats. Most laptops don’t even have USB 3.0 ports, and they come in USB 2.0 ports.

Now gamers have a lot to connect things externally. The 2 important things for gamers are Mouse and Keyboard. On PC Builds, you can fearlessly insert Mouse and Keyboard with 10 or 12 slots left. But on laptops, if you insert Mouse and Keyboard, you only have 2 remaining slots.

So that’s the 2nd reason why PC Builds are better than laptops for gaming. You get unlimited connectivity options on PC compared to laptops.

Inserting a Graphics Card is not a problem

On laptops, the GPU chips install a graphics card, whereas the desktop graphics cards have 2 or 3 fans included. Inserting a graphics card on a PC is easy and beneficial because you are getting 2 or 3 more fans with your graphics card, but on laptops, you only get GPU chips to get it installed.

So that brings a lot of difference on its performance. 6 RGB cooling fans and 2 or 3 graphics card fans make no space for heat to stay inside.

Also, you can insert 2 and 3 graphics cards on PC Builds simultaneously. This technology was first introduced after 2018. AMD named this technology CF (Crossfire), and NVIDIA named this technology SLI (Scaleable Link Interface). With this, you can add 2 and 3 graphics cards to your PC Build simultaneously. This feature increases the speed of your PC Build, and you can play more games at maximum graphics.

So that’s the 3rd major reason PC Builds are better than laptops, and there are several apps to track your laptop’s temperature. On ATOZ APK, you’ll easily find such apps that allow you to track the temperature of your laptop.

Getting a 4K Display is not a problem on PC Build

On laptops, the maximum size of the display screen is 17.3-inches, and you have to connect the monitor externally if you want more display. But on PC Builds, you don’t face these issues because you’ve to purchase a monitor first.

While purchasing a monitor, you can decide that what will work best for you. Installing a monitor that displays 4K resolution is not a problem on PC Build. On Laptops, you’ve first to see that either your laptop can hold a 4K screen or not.

On PC Builds, you take precautions first, but you carelessly trust the laptop’s display on the laptop, but a laptop display can never compete with an external monitor.

You can decide the refresh rate with max supported resolutions and screen size with an external monitor. Laptop’s don’t allow you to do this, which stands as the 4th reason why PC Builds are better than laptops for gaming. With laptops, you’ve to sacrifice the display, but on PC Build, you’ve to purchase the monitor just 1 time. On monitors, the choice is yours.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and you may have decided which PC Build you’ll purchase for yourself. If you are an office worker or frequent traveler, then laptops are good, but if you avoid such, PC Build is the best option to finish your gaming craze.


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