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9 Tips For Choosing The Best Identity Theft Company

The best identity theft companies will send real-time-time alerts whenever fraud is detected, monitor your credit, and provide ID theft insurance in case of a data breach.

While the advancements in technology have brought us forward in many aspects in the way we make transactions and do business, it has also created a new kind of risk in terms of personal security. This brought on new challenges in the way we do things and businesses in particular need to make it a priority to put in measures to create identity security.

Data theft is increasingly becoming prevalent as fraudsters use different techniques and new tricks to steal your information. Identity thieves can sell the information on the dark web, use it to open credit cards, or provide your details when they are arrested. Different identity theft crimes involve the unauthorized use of other people’s information. Fortunately, there are identity theft protection companies that can help keep your information safe from criminals. The best companies will send real-time-time alerts whenever fraud is detected, monitor your credit, and provide ID theft insurance in case of a data breach. Identifying the best company can seem like a challenging task since there are many providers.

Here are X tips for choosing the best identity theft company.

1.  Credit Monitoring

Many fraudsters steal other people’s identities to open credit accounts using the stolen information. This can affect your credit score when someone uses your details without your knowledge. Identity theft will monitor your credit score for suspicious activities or any changes not caused by you. The goal is to provide extra security to your credit. Choose a company that provides reporting from all major credit bureaus to safeguard your information.

2.  Reputation

More importantly, you need to consider the company’s reputation before you sign up for any of its programs. Reputable firms provide excellent customer service, and you can identify them by doing a quick online search. You can study customer reviews to gain insight into how each company operates. Additionally, you can visit top review sites about identity theft companies. Data analysts at SFGate.com reviewed the top identity monitoring companies to provide critical details that can help you make informed decisions. Many factors differentiate these companies, and this knowledge helps you get the best service.

When choosing an identification platform, you can seek recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. People closer to you can also provide referrals based on their experience with a specific identity theft protection firm. It becomes easier for you to narrow your choices when people with first-hand experience with a company refer you to it.

3.  Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web refers to a deeper section of the internet that is not accessible to public search engines. Instead, you need special software or authorization access to reach this part. The dark web is where personal information like Social Security numbers, login credentials, and credit card numbers are sold. A perfect identity theft company offers dark web monitoring and scans this section of the internet to identify fraudulent activities involving your information. When you explore your options, make sure the provider you choose provides web monitoring services. However, you should know that this service can impact the overall price of the plan you choose.

4.  Identity Theft Insurance

Most identity theft protection services provide identity theft insurance to protect you if your data is stolen. Most providers offer a cap of $1 million in reimbursements that should cover the legal fees involved and other related costs. Make sure you do your homework to choose a firm that offers the best insurance that suits your needs. Some of the platforms offer specialized protection services to consumers. However, each company provides different products designed to suit the needs of various people.

5.  Family Plans

Another important thing you should consider is to check if the company offers identity theft protection to your spouse, children, and parents. A family plan is crucial since it allows you to add your loved ones to your account without opening an account for each person. They can be added to your account which makes it easier for you to manage your account.

6.  Identity Theft Restoration

When your details have been stolen, you need dedicated support that can assist you through the identity restoration process. These services can be offered by specialists or counselors who will guide the steps you can take to find an attorney, contact credit agencies, and complete crucial paperwork. Some companies provide 24/7support to their clients.


7.  Mobile Apps

Check if the provider has a mobile app for monitoring identity theft while on the go. You should check the app’s rating. You may also need to check a service provider with an app that consists of two-factor authentication. This method requires you to provide two different forms of information when you log into your account for maximum security.

8.  Social Security Number Monitoring

It is critical to enlist the services of a company that monitors your Social Security number. This number is unique and it should be 100% confidential, meaning that it should not be accessed by unauthorized persons. If hackers access it, they can commit different forms of fraud using your name. Monitoring social security numbers involves checking the dark web areas for suspicious activities.

9.  Cost

You should check the cost of the services you will get before you sign for a particular program. On average, the prices range from a few dollars up to about $30 per month depending on the package you choose. While other providers offer free services, you should be wary of them since they don’t provide enough to protect your data. When you get the price, you should work out a realistic budget. You must avoid companies that offer ambiguous prices since they may be crooks. Essentially, identity theft companies’ primary role is to protect the clients against issues like fraud, so you cannot be a victim.

Cases of data theft are on the rise, and criminals steal other people’s information to commit different types of crimes like fraud or theft. However, the good thing is that you can enlist the services of an identity theft company that can help keep your information safe from criminals. It is vital to choose the best provider that suits your needs.


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