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Editor’s Pick: How to Transfer Bitcoin to USD

Switchere helps you to easily convert Bitcoin to USD or vice versa.

In short, the converting of currencies, including crypto, is done by special services. All you have to do as a client is to find a suitable site and use it. But this simplified scheme raises new questions: what to “give” the converter, how to understand that it is safe, and by what criteria to choose a service in general. These questions are answered by the expert of the Switchere team, the site where to convert USD to Bitcoin (BTC) is easiest and safest.

What It Takes to Convert USD to BTC or Vice Versa

The minimum that you need to convert dollar to crypto or vice versa:

  1. Crypto wallet.
  2. Credit or debit bank card.

Depending on the process, you also should have money on the wallet or card. Also, an exchange website can require that the amount of money be no less than some specific sum.

Besides that, you may need an email for registration and possible communication with the managers of the service. Frequently, the system sends you to your email the confirmation of operations or the copies of the reports about them.

The Best USD to Bitcoin Exchange

Remember one important rule: if the exchange offers to convert currency anonymously, it is not a benefit!

Why so? To understand this, let’s see how such services work. In any converting process, there is a customer who wants to buy and a customer who wants to sell. The exchange is an agent, a place where they meet. So even if this service is not a fraud, how can you be sure that other customers are not fraud too?

The registration and verification of each new customer is a good guarantee of it. So these processes are one of the required parameters of the best service.

But it is essential to the best service also to be the place where you can convert currency fast and easy. What else to pay attention to when searching for the site:

  • Big choice of currencies. You can change not only the dollar, the euro, and BTC, but also the rupee, hryvnia, and EST.
  • Cooperation with well-known payment systems. Visa and MasterCard acceptance at least.
  • More than one method or way of withdrawal.
  • Ability to exchange money instantly after registration.
  • No hidden fees. The service should immediately show how much you will get, not add a fee after.
  • Quick purchase and instant sending of funds.
  • No prepaid.


As you can see, Switchere fully meets these requirements.

Is It Secure to Convert Dollar to BTC

Using online exchanges to buy dollars or BTC is absolutely secure if you picked the right service. How to keep yourself safe:

  1. Not to pay before you make sure everything’s okay.
  2. Do not refer to services with the lowest tariffs. The average market price still exists.
  3. Do not send information about yourself that is not needed for sharing. Payment details, id, and email are correct. Your children’s names are not.

A good sign of service security is its transparency. Switchere is always ready without a hitch to tell you about how the site works. You can get more information from the managers of the company through the form on the site or via online chat.


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