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The uRay disinfectant device to Battle Viruses and Bacteria as a Handheld UV Cleanser

The device is a handheld battery-powered and rechargeable UV cleanser that kills harmful bacteria and viruses with increased users’ safety and protection

The continued spread of the new variant of coronavirus ‘Omicron’ further demonstrates that residential areas and workspaces should be cleaned and healthy in a proper way.

Thanks to simple hygiene measures and advanced disinfecting technologies, we are better able to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

The uRay is an advanced disinfecting device that uses UV-C technology to help you battle deadly viruses and Bacteria including Coronavirus.

The uRay-Battle Viruses and Bacteria with Handheld UV Cleanser. (Courtesy Photo)

The uRay is a handheld battery-powered and rechargeable UV cleanser that kills harmful bacteria and viruses with increased users’ safety and protection.

Since UV-C can be harmful to humans if used improperly, Wolven Industries aims to solve all the concerns with the lower-quality, life-risking, and cheap UV-C disinfecting devices flooding the market.

This modern disinfecting device comes with advanced disinfecting effectiveness, users’ safety, and ease of use.

Key Features of the uRay:


This disinfecting device is designed with a patent-pending reflective sheet behind the LED lights that focuses 90% of the produced UV rays on the surface to be disinfected.

This enhances the disinfecting efficiency of the device to destroy pathogens more effectively.

The UV light is usually wasted in other low-quality devices available in the market. And they are unable to kill all the germs and viruses on the surface to increase your exposure to deadly bacteria.

The 120-mW output of the device excellently destroys the DNA structure of viruses in a matter of moments.

Better Quality and Durability

The body of uRay is made of high-quality thermoplastic named Polyamide 6 to maximize its quality and durability.

The UV-C LED lights used in the device are produced by the world’s leading manufacturer Laser Components GmbH.

The LEDs produce powerful UV-C light for thousands of hours. The light is capable of killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria within seconds.

Eco-Friendly Disinfecting Method

Unlike other UV lamps and chemical disinfecting methods out there, the uRay designed by Wolven Industries contains no mercury, chemical extracts, or lethal materials to make it environment friendly.

Once the device is turned on to disinfect a specific surface or object, the emission of the right wavelength of UV-C light is started effectively for a right period of time that is enough to destroy viruses and Bacteria.


Pocket friendly size of the uRay makes it easy to carry anytime anywhere. Since it is a handled device, it is small in size and you can carry it on the go to prevent viruses and bacteria no matter where you are.

The device is best to disinfect a variety of things like ATMs screen, credit card machines, keyboards, public touch screens, and bathroom seats, etc.

Enhanced users’ safety and protection

As UV rays can cause burns, inflammation of the cornea, and even skin cancer when used indecorously, uRay is designed by experts with several safety and protection features in mind.

The device comes with a built-in infrared proximity sensor to measure the distance between the surface or object and the device.

A microprocessor is also installed in the device to let a user know if the device is being moved too fast or too slow to disinfect anything in a safe and healthy way.

If the device is too close or too far from the surface to be disinfected, the device will let the user know.

The UV-C lights will automatically be turned off in case of a sudden movement like the falling off of the device. As a result, the user will be safe even if an uncertain incident happens.

Final Verdict

Conceptually founded in 2018, Wolven industries help families repair, protect, and prepare from and for modern-day threats.

The uRay is a smart and high quality disinfecting device designed by the company to help people prevent exposure to deadly viruses and Bacteria whether they are home, working or while on the go.


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