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Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate 2022

Brands should follow the latest trends of mobile application development to get the most out of their apps.

Since the advent of smartphones, modern consumers have not turned back to traditional options.

Mobile technology is gaining so many new creations every year.

This is the reason; the mobile app development industry is touching the sky and businesses are spending a huge share on application development.

Due to the usefulness and opportunities offered by mobile apps, every second brand is striving for taking place on the smartphone of its target customers. However, they should follow the latest trends of mobile application development to get the most out of their apps.

Mobile App Development Trends

Below are some mobile app development trends in this article that will dominate 2022 to simplify the lives of brands and users.

The unprecedented situation created by the Coronavirus pandemic led to a huge upsurge in online sales like never before. In the same situation, retail stores experienced a huge loss in sales as most of them were not prepared to immediately take their businesses online. This is the reason, more and more businesses are investing in M-commerce to allow their customers to place orders online by using their mobile devices.

One-click ordering, omnichannel retail, and voice search are some of the features that business owners and brands are integrating into their mobile applications and eCommerce portals.

It helps them offer an excellent online, fast, and hassle-free experience. If you also want to integrate M-commerce into your existing app or want to build a new business app, you should hire custom software developers who are aware of the latest trends in application development.

Hiring professionals from could be an ideal way to hire application developers to meet particular development needs and requirements of your business.

Cross-Platform App Development
Cross-platform development is one of the best mobile app development trends and has become increasingly popular this year and will dominate 2022 and beyond. The giant IT companies like Facebook and Pinterest have applied a cross-platform development approach to improve efficiency, user experience across different OS’s and reduce development costs as well.

Industry experts say that the cross-platform development trend has reached a new height after the launch of Flutter. It is an open-source UI toolkit to develop cross-platform apps for mobile, desktop, and web as well.


Folding Screens
Folding screens is another application development trend to transform the mobile tech industry in 2021 and beyond. Smartphones with foldable displays like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are available in the market. This is the reason mobile application developers must follow the trend to develop apps that can work well on folding displays as well.

Use of the folding screen app development feature brings prompt changes in the app interface every time the user folds or opens the mobile device.

Optimizing mobile apps for folding screens will help brands dominate the market as more and more mobile companies are working on foldable smartphones.

Mobile Wallets
If you have heard about PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, then you are already familiar with the fame of digital wallets in the digital era. Digital wallets are increasingly used by modern consumers as a secure and convenient payment method to make online payments.

Mobile users can easily link their bank accounts and cards to mobile wallets to perform a variety of financial transactions including utility bill payments, online transfers, and online shopping, etc.

This is the reason, brands and businesses are focusing more on adding mobile wallet features into their apps than ever before. According to industry experts, mobile wallets will overtake the traditional payment methods ultimately.

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Biometric Authentication and Facial Recognition
Biometric authentication and facial recognition in application development refer to identifying mobile users by their fingerprints or facial recognition technology.

This mobile development trend has redefined mobile app security. Online payment solutions like PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay use facial recognition and biometric technology to identify users to provide them with next-level protection and security.

Due to this innovation in application development, users are less likely to input their personal and financial details and use fingerprints or face to log into apps or accounts.

Taking this trend into account while developing an app, helps you offer your users an additional layer of security.

In conclusion,
Due to the advancement in mobile technologies, the mobile app development industry is constantly changing its development approaches. And if you are developing apps for your clients using old-school app development techniques and trends, you wouldn’t be able to develop apps that stand out. This is the reason, you should stay on top of the latest app development trends to build apps that add value to your customers’ life.



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