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Should You Switch to Ethereum in iGaming?

Ethereum has gained considerably marked popularity as the second-best cryptocurrency globally. It is no wonder why there has been a shift of people who want to use it in iGaming.

Ethereum has gained considerably marked popularity as the second-best cryptocurrency globally. It is no wonder that more people are now looking into investing with Ethereum. What is more? There has been a shift of the people who want to use it in iGaming as opposed to what was witnessed before where little consideration was made to other forms of cryptocurrency, especially if it was not Bitcoins.

This shift has been witnessed not only with regard to traditional games in the casino but even in the space where fully functional sports betting sites are involved.

In the constant world of evolution and discovery of more cryptocurrencies, there have been concerns about bitcoin mining, for instance, which is rounded up as being eco-unfriendly owing to the fact that bitcoin mining involves the use of very high energy-consuming machines. It is in this line that recent developments where Ethereum has taken up the proof-of-stake model.


Advantages of Ethereum

Having been made as an expandable version of the bitcoin some six years ago, the basis of the blockchain technology allows that the system is private and the transactions secure. On the other hand, Fiat currencies are unappealing because they are liable to forgery and fraud. Taxations transaction costs also apply to legal currencies. Anonymity cannot be maintained with Fiat currency too. If attached to an account as is in most cases, the information remains in the public domain unlike what is seen in Ethereum use in cryptocurrency trade.

Ethereum boasts of its functional program in which, codes are read and ignited automatically. This is what is referred to as smart contracts. The other types of cryptocurrency do not bear this feature. This makes it an appealing design that not only functions in the world of cryptocurrency trade but is also applicable in my other sectors, for instance, real estate, law, government registration units, and others.

Ethereum has stood test the test of time to prove that it is more stable and well, popular for a multitude of networks. It also operates under minimal expenses and is eyed by individuals interested in partnering up.

Many transactions can be conducted at a time, using Ethereum. In comparison, Fiat currencies are majorly dependent on middlemen like banks. For instance, banks only operate within specified hours within a day and specified days within a week. Weekends are excluded. If an investor was to sell or dispose of assets on these odd hours and days, then it would be near impossible and inconveniencing.

Transactions remain secure and cannot be tampered with. Well-rated Ethereum casinos are well outlined on platforms that offer guidance on the same.

There are also notable differences between bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin uses cryptocurrency specifically for trade while Ethereum provides for its users a variety of functions including payment as well as smart contracts.

The security system of each differs. Bitcoin uses proof of work while Ethereum uses proof of stake.

There are a number of casinos that offer gaming for Ethereum and other types of cryptocurrencies as well. Compiled in our list is:

  • FortuneJack casino.
  • Goodman casino.

Others include Lottoland and Bitcoin casino among others.


In your quest to find well-rated Ethereum casinos, you can find further information about designs, the perfect choice of currency to use, what bonus offers are there, how available the games are, and even withdrawal limits. Forbes lists some of these casinos that deal with Ethereum majorly, as much as they also accept other forms of cryptocurrencies. Aside from the variety of factors that people look for when seeking casinos to stake with, is the fact that Ethereum is found to be more eco-friendly compared to bitcoins.



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