Should You Get The Infinix NOTE 10?

Should you get the new Infinix NOTE phone(s)? Well, it is a 50 - 50 decision —of you getting it or not getting it, it is your choice.

Should you get the new Infinix NOTE phone(s)? Well, it is a 50 – 50 decision —of you getting it or not getting it, it is your choice.

Infinix Mobility brought a new set of NOTE-series smartphones in Uganda coming in two versions, i.e. the Infinix Note 10 and Infinix Note 10 Pro. The phones are successors to Infinix Note 8 series that were launched in October 2020 and they come with minor upgrades. The company focused on performance mostly as most of the specifications and features did remain the same. They touched most of the essential parts i.e. the operating system, the display resolution, and the chipset.

Driven by the commitment to bring true value to its consumers, Infinix stated that the Note 10 series is for everyday users who enjoy using the handset through asymmetry of aesthetics and performance. Manfred Hong, Senior Product Director at Infinix Mobility, says the phones perfectly balances functionality; aesthetics, style, innovation, texture, and color functionality, to create the ideal, all-around device for their consumers.

So, is this phone worth getting? Like I mentioned before, it’s a 50 – 50 percent decision.

Starting with the price which is always the first thing to look at, the predecessor; the Infinix NOTE 8 was priced UGX782,000, and the successor, the Inifnix NOTE 10 is UGX2,000 less i.e. it is UGX780,000. Even though the price difference is not that much, it does count in one way or the other. These prices are RRP from Infinix and can be got for less or even higher than the RRP.

Looking at the upgrades of the smartphone, the NOTE 10 has a full HD display, i.e. has a screen resolution of 1080 x 2460 pixels, and we surely don’t expect Infinix to have a 720p display anymore mostly in the NOTE series. If this happens to be so, the NOTE 8 would be the last to come with a resolution of 720p. Therefore, with the upgrade in the screen resolution, the colors are more vibrant, including; saturation and contrast —which gives the consumer a better viewing experience.

The phone offers more storage with the highest being 128GB which is still expandable with a microSD card of up to 256GB. Thus, space is not worrisome considering that if you have cloud-storage apps, you won’t need to use more of your internal storage.

The NOTE 10 has the upgrade in its chipset with the 12nm MediaTek Helio G85 chipset with an Octa-core processor clocked at 2.0GHz which is a mid-range gaming chipset that is slightly better than the one in the predecessor for even better phone performance including gaming, media, multitasking, to mention a few.

The NOTE 10 comes with a 5,000mAh battery which is one of the most essential things on any phone. The more the battery capacity the better. And with the NOTE 10, does support fast charging, and if the battery is drained you can complete juice up to at least half the battery (50%) in a matter of minutes. High-performance users, the phone can take you to about 12 hours, and then you have to charge, meaning high-performance users can not use the phone on a single charge. Minimal-performance users can use the phone with just a single charge. To fully charge the battery to 100%, it can take roughly 2 hours.

Looking at the camera, the company tried to deliver. The cameras do produce average photos and videos [videos can be shot in 2K] and compared to NOTE 8, NOTE 10 is better because the colors are accurate, unlike the predecessor where the colors are much warmer.

With these few reasons, you can make your choice.

If you need to go pro, you can get the Infinix NOTE 10 Pro which offers more compared to the NOTE 10.

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