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EDITOR’S PICK: How To Spend MTN Senkyu Points

MTN Senkyu appreciates customers for using MTN services and their loyalty to the company. To join the loyalty program, dial *141# or use the MyMTN App.

MTN Uganda at the tail of last year launched a loyalty program dubbed, MTN Senkyu to appreciate its customers for using their services and their loyalty to the company. The program is not new but a revamp of the MTN 141 allowing customers to use points on more than just data and airtime.

Through this revamped program, MTN customers receive redeemable points dubbed ‘Senkyu Points’ each time they use any MTN’s services and can use the redeemable points to buy Voice Bundles, Data Bundles, SMS as well as pay for any goods and services using MTN MoMoPay.

To join the MTN Senkyu loyalty program, dial *141# or use the MyMTN App and subscribe. After subscribing you start automatically receive MTN Senkyu points when they use MTN services including; loading airtime, making calls, sending SMS, loading data, using MTN MoMo on sending & deposits, among others.

Earned points will expire after 3 months if no points are used. A customer will also lose any points they have should they opt out of the service.

How to spend your Senkyu points
As mentioned earlier, you can use senkyu points to buy data, voice bundles, SMS, or spend on mobile money.

If you’re already subscribed to the program, you need to first check how many points you have to better plan on how to spend them. To check your senkyu points, use the MyMTN app or dial *141*2#.

Having seen how many points you have, you can go ahead and spend them on either data, voice bundles, SMS, or mobile money. To spend your points, dial *141*1# and from the pop-up options, choose how you wish to spend your senkyu points,

Whatever option you opt for, you be shown how much your senkyu points can get you. For instance, if you have 2437 points, it can get you 48 minutes, 243Mbs, 243 SMS or 2437 purchase on MoMo. If you don’t choose to spend your senkyu points all at once, you have the option to opt for how much to spend.

MTN Senkyu Points.
MTN Senkyu Points.

Redeemed minutes, SMS and data are valid for 30 days from date/time of redemption. If unused within 30 days they will be forfeited. Thus, it is best to use your redeemed data, sms or minutes before they expire.

Somdev Sen, the MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer, says that the loyalty program, MTN Senkyu gives the telco the opportunity to say senkyu [means thank you] to each of its customer for using their services and their loyalty to the company.

The more you use any of the telco’s services, the more points you get.

All MTN individual customers including prepaid, post-paid and hybrid are eligible to join MTN Senkyu. Customers earn bonus points upon joining MTN senkyu for the first time, they earn bonus points on their birthdays and on their MTN anniversary.

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