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3 Types Of Up-and-Coming Security Services

We have to keep up with the current trends to make sure we are staying two steps ahead of the ever-growing threats.

Security is one of the most important points of modern computing. As cyber threats continue to increase, the technology to fight them just keeps on developing too. Meaning that we have to keep up with the current trends to make sure we are staying two steps ahead of the ever-growing threats.

Here are three types of security services to look out for.

Ad verification

Ad verification is a source of security that is much needed as digital marketing continues to grow. It essentially protects ads from malware attacks and makes sure that an intended ad reaches the targeted audience safely. This gives users better engagement and means that it’s getting the greatest number of impressions that it should be. It makes it revolutionary in terms of security and marketing as it involves safety for both publisher and end-user. What’s more is that it ensures advertisements are seen on both ends, resulting in a much more effective return of investment.

The process works by verification tags being set up alongside the advert, allowing the advertiser to make sure that it’s on the right type of website. If a publishing site turns out to have a lot of fraudulent activity, then the advertiser knows to avoid them in the future. On the other hand, a publisher can also set up ad verification to ensure the commercials they use onsite are not a security risk to them either.


Biometrics is a form of AI that uses human characteristics to identify individuals when it comes to security and access. They are nothing new in the world of tech, however, they are developing considerably with each day. Meaning the advancements in the field of biometrics are certainly something to look out for.

Whilst many of us may be used to scanning our fingertips, or even our faces, to gain access to things like phones, biometrics are becoming more and more popular and sophisticated in the world of business too. For example, banks are opting for biometric scanning options to set up and give access to accounts. Whilst hospitals are bringing in more biometric services to distinguish and help with patient care. However, the most developed form of this AI being used is palm vein scanning and is definitely something that is quickly becoming a huge part of security’s future. Especially as this type of scanning is much more difficult to replicate for hackers.


DevSecOps is essentially about making everyone responsible for security at every stage of software development. This is especially important today as more of us work from home and take control over our own cybersecurity. It also means keeping up with security as quickly as things are developed to avoid potential leaks and hack attacks. If things are developing faster than security measures can be implemented, it leaves software open to vulnerabilities.

It also gives power to individuals as they become accountable for safety decisions. Therefore, it’s a vital piece of what DevOps stands for in creating a humanistic role within IT. This then becomes essential for the future of computer development and protection as the field develops into an integral part of modern life.

These three points are already slowly becoming a part of our every-day home and working lives and are bringing cybersecurity into the future. The trick now is to master all three of them and help spread the word.


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