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CocoFax: A Faxing Option for Cheapskates

CocoFax is the easiest and the most common and widely accepted online faxing service.

Faxing is still one of the most common ways of sending documents to date especially in the healthcare sector. The reason why faxing is commonly and widely used is because it is safer to transfer documents unlike while using emails. Faxing also observes the HIPAA standards for encryption.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA regulates the information that healthcare workers can share with their patients. It also ensures that the information shared through unapproved and unsecured ways are monitored. However, the HIPAA have verified and approved faxing due to its confidentiality adherence.

You can send documents from one point to the next without disclosing the given information to outside sources. Additionally, today we have faxing services that have been improved to meet the day today technology advancement. They function online fully and they are very easy to use.

This article seeks to discuss CococFax which is a convenient and reliable means to send documents from Gmail, PC or mobile phone. CocoFax is fast and it does not require deep technical knowledge for you to use it. It also helps you to save some coins since it does not operate like the traditional faxing. Pop up to these guys and see how convenient their site is.

How to Fax from a PC
By the help of your computer it is easy and convenient to access faxing services online. However you can also do it via window fax and scan or through a fax machine that is connected to your computer. Although the last two options are functional, they require high tech configuration and can be somewhat convenient and that is why we don’t recommend them.

Furthermore, a fax that is online is more convenient and does not require any configurations thus making it user friendly. It also allows you to save time and money . However, you must be very keen with the service provider you choose for yourself as not all of them are good. One of the faxing services that have been verified by a lot of users is CocoFax due to the following reasons;

Reliability and competent
CocoFax is not only a professional faxing service but it is also very reliable and efficient. It is one of the most trusted internet faxes by the users worldwide. CocoFax complies with the HIPAA terms thus making it even better in matters to do with confidentiality.

The reputation of CocoFax is big in many organizations across the world including hospitals. Their services have been acknowledged by big brands such as Forbes, Mashable and LifeWire.  Additionally, CocoFax allows you a 30 days free usage which after that you pay a very small  fee to continue using the services.

Advanced features
Unlike most online faxing service providers, CocoFax offers very easy to use faxing right from your computer. Compared to the traditional Faxing machine, CocoFax allows its users more advanced features that allow even more effective results. Some of the features include number porting, multi-format support, Permanent storage, international faxing, 24/7 faxing and compatibility with office 365.

Its Safety and Confidentiality
CocoFax complies with the HIPAA rules and regulations unlike most faxing services. They have adopted the latest encryption method to ensure that all your documents are safe to be conveyed. The encryption allows safety in that only the sender and the receiver are able to open the documents. CocoFax is therefore a very good option for businesses that adhere to high confidentiality.

Saves Time and Money
While using fax services online, there is no need to own  a fax machine or rent a phone line. They allow you to fax your documents right from their servers in the same way you would do with an email. This is usually fast and you don’t have to spend a fortune on buying a fax machine or even learn how to operate it.

How can You Use CocoFax from Your Computer?

For you to be able to access the CocoFax from your computer you will need to subscribe. However, you will enjoy a 30 days free of service once you begin using CocoFax. There are a few steps on how you can begin faxing from your computer from CocoFax faxing services. Below are the steps;

Step 1: Go to the CocoFax official website and sign up. Make sure to fill in all the required details. While at it, you will be requested to pick a free fax number. This will be among the first part of the signing up process.

For the sake of identification, you will have to give some details and remember the email address you issue here is where you will receive all faxing-related notifications. After that, you will be redirected to the CocoFax dashboard by your browser immediately when you are done with the registration process.

Step 2: The CocoFax dashboard acts as the traditional faxing machine just that it is a virtual one. It allows the user to read all the incoming faxes as well as send new ones. It keeps records of all your faxing activities and all the incoming faxes.

If you want to send a new fax, you will click on the “New Fax” button that is located at the corner of the dashboard of the CocoFax website. Once you have clicked on it, you will see a window for creating fax popping up on your computer.

Step 3: Creating a fax is done in the same way that you create and email and the send fax window resembles that of compose emails.

Step 4: Once you are done with creating email and attaching all the documents you want to send, you should click on the send button.

Once the fax has been conveyed to the intended recipient, you will receive a confirmation message on the dashboard of the CocoFax browser. A notification of the same will also be sent to the email address you provided during registration.

CocoFax is the easiest and the most common and widely accepted online faxing service. It also allows you to fax from your computer through other channels such as Office 365 app such as MS Word using the CocoFax extension and also by the use of Google drive using the CocoFax extension.


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