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Fuzu Clarifies on Closing Operations in Uganda

Fuzu working towards the launch of a brand new Fuzu job seeker platform over the next couple of weeks.

On Monday we reported that, Online Career Development and Talent Management platform, Fuzu Limited closed its operations in Uganda. However, the company has now clarified with us, and they are not closing.

Alvin Katto, the Country Manager – Fuzu Uganda told PC Tech Magazine this morning that they are working towards the launch of a brand new Fuzu job seeker platform over the next couple of weeks. He adds that all job seekers and employer services will continue to be available for use till the launch of the new platform.

The post the company made on their Facebook Page literally meant they “are saying good bye” to the old platform and not closing its operations in the country.

However, not much can be revealed about the new platform till its launch later next week.

“We can’t reveal too much information for now on the new platform, however we are building the next generation of career development tools for the 1.2 million plus career builders on the Fuzu platform across East Africa. Everyone should stay tuned to our social media channels for more updates,” Katto told PC Tech Magazine in an email.

Fuzu begun its operations in May 2018 with the aim of satisfying the need for new innovative solutions focused on the job seeker, who they are, where their potential lies and how best their talent can be matched with the employment opportunities. Within four months, they announced a milestone of a half a million [500,000] registered users on their platform. Having leveraged the fast-moving digital revolution in the country with internet penetration growing at a fast pace, its [Fuzu] user base keeps growing as well.

The service runs on a highly technical AI-powered platform that supports career builders to find the best job opportunities, build skills needed to be successful and stand out with employers by showcasing their talent. On the other hand it also helps employers find the top talent in the market with advanced, but very easy to use, merit-based analytical tools powered by a Machine Learning Algorithm.

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