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YouTube Marketing — How to Maximize Views and Subscribers

There are proven YouTube marketing tips that can help you double subscribers and increase watch time effectively. (Photo by: Motion Array)

There are proven YouTube marketing tips that can help you double subscribers and increase watch time effectively. (Photo by: Motion Array)

Social media is one of the best and most effective marketing methods to reach the target audience in this modern era of life. Along with building and boosting the presence of social media, brands and businesses are also spending marketing bucks on YouTube marketing. YouTube is not only a leader in video consumption, but also has been around for years longer than popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. It is a home of online videos for both brands and customers.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you must create one right now because almost 8 out of 10 internet users watch videos on YouTube. They watch videos either to get useful information about day-to-day life affairs or to know more about their favorite brands. That’s why you should also be there to promote your brand or products in front of a broader audience. After creating a channel YouTube, you can grow it organically by doing YouTube SEO or can partner with YouTube growth services to buy YouTube subscribers, views, and likes.

In this blog post, there are proven YouTube marketing tips that can help you double subscribers and increase watch time effectively.

Brand Your YouTube Channel Properly

Right after creating a channel on YouTube, branding your channel should be the next big step you should take. It makes your channel visually attractive and professional in appearance to encourage your audience to subscribe and watch your videos. You should use your business logo and branding to embellish your channel. And if you are an individual vlogger, the use of headshot or other personalized visuals is a great idea.

After changing the display picture and banner, make sure to embed links of your social media profiles and business website so users can easily find you across the web. There are several self-branded overlays that you can use to present a specific brand or product.

Make Captivating Titles

No matter how informative and interesting your video content is, it is totally useless if YouTube users don’t click and watch. This is the place where creating captivating titles and optimizing them with focus keywords comes into action.

Do proper keyword research to choose the right keywords and use them in title, description, and tags to tell the YouTube algorithm what your content is about. Appealing and meaningful titles also let viewers know that what to expect in your videos. Keep your video titles short and give viewers a solid reason to watch your videos. Before they watch videos, they go through the titles to find out whether the video will benefit them or not.

Keep your Videos Short and Sweet

Videos that have more views and watch time, appear on the top in YouTube search results. This means if you want to get the most out of your YouTube videos, focus more on increasing watch time. to do this, you need to make your videos interesting, informative, and short at the same time. According to experts, the duration of most-watched videos is about 5 minutes or less. YouTube users need a good reason to watch your videos. So, provide them with high-quality videos without consuming a lot of their precious minutes. Choose an interesting topic to cover, create high-quality content and optimize each of your videos for YouTube search to get more eyeballs and boosted watch time.

Design Enticing YouTube Thumbnails

Enticing and informative video thumbnails grab the attention of users and make them click right away to watch your videos. That is the reason, create interesting and enticing thumbnails around the topic and keep them relevant. If possible, include a short and sweet description in your thumbnails to hook the audience effectively. It helps people understand what they will see in your video right after clicking on the link.

Share Your Videos on Social Media

Since everyone is on social media these days, sharing your YouTube videos across social media profiles can help you grow your channel greatly. After sharing video links on social media, stay active there and respond to feedback and comments for increased engagement.

To do YouTube video sharing on social media effectively, create short promo videos and publish them on your social profiles with a link back to your YouTube video/channel. Try to share your videos on all popular social sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc. to drive more traffic, and views.

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