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How to Use Influencers in Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

Blogger outreach allows you to connect with the best bloggers in your niche and get your content published on their authoritative websites.

If you are a webmaster and you said you don’t care about SEO, you would be lying. Search engine optimization determines how your website ranks on SERPs, which is why most webmasters give it lots of attention. Many techniques can help to boost your SEO, but you must research first to know which is more suitable for your site. 

Blogger outreach is one tactic that will never fail you despite the type of website you run. Blogger outreach allows you to connect with the best bloggers in your niche and get your content published on their authoritative websites. Considering that we are talking about influencers here, then doing blogger outreach without a guide might be really hectic. So Always choose best Blogger Outreach Service. Fortunately, this article will guide you through incorporating influencers in your blogger outreach campaign. Read on.

1. Review Your SEO Goals

Most people go wrong in their blogger outreach campaigns because they don’t evaluate their SEO goals. When you do blogger outreach without an ultimate goal, then you might find yourself contacting just any bloggers or asking irrelevant questions because you were not prepared.

Reviewing your goals allows you to determine everything you want from the influencer. That way, you can have the best questions to ask and thus ensure you get the desired results from the campaign.

2. Make a List

Since you already reviewed your SEO goals, it is time to list all the influential bloggers in your niche. When making this list, make sure to include vital details such as the bloggers’ names and their email addresses. You can get the blogger’s name on theblog’s About Us page. For the email address, use the following tools:

  • Google – Before using any tool out there, you should always try a Google search. Google is one of the best places to search for influencers because the top search results are usually high-ranking influential bloggers. This makes it easy to get the most suitable bloggers for your campaign.
  • BuzzSumo – You can use this tool to find influential bloggers with the highest domain authority.
  • FollowerWonk – This tool shows you how authoritative certain bloggers are and includes their Twitter handles so you can easily contact them.

3. Subdivide Your List

You should group your target bloggers into different sections to help you decide who to contact first. You might need more time to get a guest posting opportunity from industry leaders in your niche. So, start with the less intimidating influencers as you go higher to ensure you don’t waste much time on one influencer only for your request to be rejected.

4. Get on Their Radar

It is always a great idea to make sure the influencers know a little about your blogger outreach service before emailing them. You can get the influencers to notice you by leaving valuable comments on their social media posts. Such comments make the influencers reply to you because they see you understand what they are talking about and have something relevant to add to their readers. Commenting things like “nice” and “good point”will not attract much attention. Taking the time to post an insightful comment also helps you stand out from other commenters and makes you more memorable to the blogger.

You can also share their posts on your social media platforms and tag them to ensure they get notified. When the bloggers see you shared their content and even added some more valuable info, they will most likely remember you. In addition, always answer the questions that some influential bloggers ask their followers online to get you more attention.

5. Focus on Building Healthy Professional Relationships

Most influencers will ignore your email when they see you just emailed them for favors out of nowhere. You should instead focus on building a healthy relationship before finally reaching out for a favor. Getting on the blogger’s radar and staying on it for a while will help to build a great relationship. After you are sure the influencers have noticed you due to the persistent comments and sharing of their posts, you can now contact them for a guest posting opportunity. Do not forget to identify yourself to ensure they remember you so you can get a reply.

Most, if not all, Influential bloggers are very busy because if they weren’t, they would not be where they are today. Their undeniable success is even what is making you reach out to them, right? Therefore, you should learn the tricks of getting most influencers to say yes to your requests. This article shows you how to go about influencer marketing, from researching about them to building a healthy relationship. Therefore, make sure to follow this guide so you can get your guest posts published anywhere you want and significantly boost your SEO results.



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