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Smile Communications Revises Price Offer on 4G LTE Devices

There are more reasons to smile in the new internet world with Smile's 4G LTE devices.

With the increasing demand for internet and data services during the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate working from home, online studying, online home entertainment, and staying in touch with family and friends, and other online internet activities, Smile Communications today announced revised price offers for their 4G LTE devices.

“There are more reasons to smile in the new internet world. We guarantee our customers fast and reliable 4G LTE internet connectivity with our revised device offers,” Jayanta Dutta, Head of Marketing, Smile Communications Uganda said in a press statement.

One of the greatest joys of modern day is the ability to access the internet and for multiple users to seamlessly being able to connect with laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, Tablets, among others.

The Smile MiFi is priced at UGX123,000 comes with a Smile 4G LTE simcard which has a 15GB Starter Kit data bundle valid 30 days. Three Router Offers, one; priced at UGX225,000 comes with 30GB Starter Kit data bundle, valid 30 days, second; priced at UGX675,000 includes a free router and a simcard that has 3 month’s Unlimited Silver internet, and third; priced at UGX825,000 includes a free router and a simcard that has 3 month’s Unlimited Gold internet. All the routers come with the Smile 4G LTE SIM card which can also be used in any compatible 4G LTE device.

The Smile MiFi is a fast 4G LTE device, small, and portable and wireless-enabled that connects up to 10 devices simultaneously, The MiFi has a battery capacity of 300mAH that can last up to 10 hours usage time and designed with strong signal capabilities.

On the other hand the Router is recommended for office and home use with the ability to connect 32 internet-powered devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, security cameras among others. Although the device is bigger compared to the MiFi devices, this gadget offers multiple features. As most Ugandans are still working from home, there is a real demand for a more fixed connection at home and the need to connect multiple devices including TVs, PCs and mobile phones.


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