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Stanbic Bank Launch Campaign to Offer Affordable Personal Loans at Low Interest Rates to its Customers

Stanbic Bank is offering quick and affordable loans at the lowest interest rates with no charges on arrangement fees to its customers till December 31st, 2020.

Stanbic Bank on Tuesday this week announced a new campaign to offer quick and affordable loans at the lowest interest rates with no charges on arrangement fees to transfer a loan from another bank, in-order to empower individuals and personal businesses.

During the loan offer period that is scheduled to end on December 31st 2020, customers will enjoy a faster access to loans, zero arrangement fees, 16% low interest rate and a flexible repayment plan.

The campaign is intended to empower businesses and individuals with various lending products, most of which can be accessed by the client on Stanbic bank’s online platforms.

The bank has pre-approved some of the loans which can now be accessed via their internet banking portal. Whether you are a business person, a contractor, professional, or an employee of government and or in the private sector, the bank claims that their lending solutions are customized to suit your needs.

According to Jackson Emanzi, the Head of Lending at Stanbic Bank Uganda says, the Bank has a number of friendly loan solutions such as Salary Loans, Business Working Capital Solutions, Medium Term loans, Instant Cash Advance, Short Term Overdrafts, Vehicle & Asset Finance, Commercial Property Loans that are affordable with a flexible loan repayment plan of up to 72 months.

“We have made it so much cheaper for customers taking personal loans by offering zero loan arrangement fees. You can move your loan to Stanbic Bank and enjoy the lowest interest rate of 16% in the market,” Emanzi said.

He explained that their different loan solutions such as the Salary loans which are granted to customers earning a salary has a flexible loan payment schedule than can be extended up to 72 months with unsecured loans going up to UGX200 million. “We ensure that the monthly payments are less than 50% of your income,” he notes.


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