Impact of Digital Technology on Coronavirus and the Importance of Masks

Technology and Coronaviurs. Image Courtesy: GettyImages Technology and Coronaviurs. Image Courtesy: GettyImages
<center>Technology and Coronaviurs. Image Courtesy: GettyImages</center>

At this time of urgency of wearing a face mask, everyone is trying to look for it from different sources. It is available both in the wholesale online store and the retail shops.

The face masks are important that can prevent the spread of pandemic COVID-19. It is highly recommended to wear masks in public preventing the spread of the disease. But during this period of emergency, there is a dearth of masks online and offline. So, people are looking for some authentic sources that can offer masks.

In this relation, the medical mask wholesale sources are offering the masks. However, non-medical masks are not a suitable option to prevent the virus spread from person to person. Many of us are in confusion about whether the face masks can prevent the spread. Medical experts are suggesting that it is important for common people to use the medical masks.


Surgical face masks
The surgical masks have lose fitting and it has been approved for various medical purposes. Even doctors, nurses, and medical attendants are recommended to use these masks when treating patients. It helps to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets that may contain the virus and infect other person. It is usually spread through mouth and nose when one person comes in contact with another. If you are suffering from coughs and sneezing, these masks are suitable to use.

But you need to ensure that you pick it from reliable sources to get quality ones. Not all masks available in the drug store are capable of preventing the virus spread. So, it is better to use masks with fine mesh that can catch even the smallest organism.

What is the impact of digital technology on COVID-19?
The massive outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 demands top-notch solutions of digital health technology like increased population screening,  better resource allocation, and using technology to track the infection rapidly. However, for the appropriate design and quick execution of the initiatives and help the medical workers, the WHO seeks assistance from technology companies.

By utilizing the extensive spread use of technological advancement, it would be easy for doctors, medical attendants, and health agencies to offer better help to people in preventing the spread of the pandemic.     

By technological influence, it would be easy to explore the known gaps in areas that lack the focus for curbing the outbreak. It includes better use of the application by health workers, easy recovery planning, smooth supply chain, contesting misconceptions, support the people with better knowledge and updated information. However, coordinate efforts from different technology companies shall help people in different countries fight different stages of the pandemic.

Why are respirators essential?
The other name for respirators is N95 respirator masks that prevent the spread of particles present in air like viruses. The mask has been named so as they are able to filter almost 95% of the virus. Other than this, the masks are also useful when engaged in painting or handling some harmful toxic items.