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A Step by Step Guide on How to Acquire Barcodes for a Music Album

Music artists are making use of barcodes in order to sell their CDs in retailers throughout the world.

Barcodes are used for a huge variety of different products, ranging from large items like a fridge to much smaller items such as CDs. There are many different kinds that have been created to meet all the various needs that have arisen over time.

Technology is developing rapidly throughout the world and we are developing new formats as well as new ways of using existing formats. We are excited to be part of this new and creative revolution. Barcodes are being used to make our everyday lives easier and more efficient. They are also being used in businesses to increase the profit margin and lower the likelihood of human error. The use of barcodes has led to the success of many businesses throughout the world. Even music artists are making use of them in order to sell their CDs in retailers throughout the world.

Whether you are going to be selling your CDs in stores, or online shops like iTunes, buying barcodes is necessary to track sales just like any other retail item. There are plenty of stores, physical or online, that will not even consider selling an artist’s music unless there is a code attached to it. In this way, they are an essential asset to fame and recognition.

When you are just starting out in the music industry, you may not know much about buying barcodes and how to go about acquiring them. What are they? Why do I need them? What kind do I need? How many do I need?  These are all the kinds of questions that clients have when they are new to the whole story. We are here to answer all your questions. We are able to provide you with the highest quality https://barcodes123.co.za/online-shop?___store=default&mode=list barcodes at the lowest prices.

What are retail barcodes?
They can be defined as an image consisting of lines as well as spaces.  Each one has its own unique number which is placed at the bottom of the image. These codes are able to be scanned by a scanner and in this way, they are used to ring up items in a sale.

What specific barcodes would one need for a music album?
The most common are the UPC or EAN formats. These are American codes that have spread throughout the world.  The EAN format has 13 digits and the UPC has 12 digits. With retail barcodes, an artist will have access, through their retailers, to information about how many sales their CD album has made as well as to accurately track the royalties they have earned when a customer purchases their album. In South Africa, most retailers prefer the EAN 13.

If the CD is small and requires a smaller barcode than the usual barcodes, then it may be necessary to acquire the EAN-8.  This is a shortened version of the EAN-13 and can be used on very small items such as CDs or even pencils.  We are able to provide you with EAN – 13 and EAN 8 as well as UPC.

What are ISRC codes?
ISRC (International Standard Recording Codes) system is used to identify the individual components that make up the product – they will track the number of times each song on the album is played or sold on a global basis. So naturally, for every track, a unique ISRC code is required. However, ISRC codes are not always necessary if you want to sell your CD at physical or online retailers.

If you are planning to sell your physical CD in retail stores, they are not a requirement as your album will be sold as a whole – not as individual tracks. Online stores such as Amazon Barcoding or iTunes may require ISRC codes if you are allowing customers to buy songs individually.

Another format that is useful in promoting music albums is called a Quick Response code. These are two-dimensional barcodes that are able to be scanned by a smartphone. This code links the client with your business URL. This is a platform where you can promote your music and build awareness of your brand. It can link users to clips of your music videos or links where they can listen to your music. We are Barcodes 123 are also able to provide you with top quality QR codes to promote yourself in the music community.

How many would one need?
You will need a separate EAN 13 for every size and variation of your music.  So, if you have two separate music albums, you will need two individual EAN-13s.

With Barcodes 123, the process of buying barcodes is simple and easy. The first step is to contact us for a quote. We sell our packages of 5,10,50 or 100. However, we can also provide you with a personalized quote.  After payment, we send your individualized barcodes package out via email.  This does not take long. Before you know it, you will be set up for success in your music career.

What must I do after I receive my package?
This is another question that is often asked. There are two different ways of attaching your barcodes to your CDs.  Firstly, you can incorporate the images into the CD design. In this way, they will automatically be on each cd that you sell.  Alternatively, you can print the barcodes onto labels and manually stick these labels onto your CDs.

Buying barcodes for your CD does not have to be a long, complicated, or costly process. We aim to make this process as simple as it can possibly be. They are fully registered and legal.  They come with a certificate of authentication that guarantees that they are yours alone. There are no renewal fees or any other hidden costs.  We are well prepared and eager to help you achieve the fame and recognition your heart desires.


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