Nextiva: Features and Pricing

The Nextiva Business Communication Suite has three plans with prices varying with the features, number of users, and contract duration

Nextiva facilitates business productivity by managing communications and customer relations by using an integrated platform. The software, Nextiva Business Communication Suite, integrates cloud business phone service with collaboration applications and customer relation tools to enable businesses to meet customer expectations and leverage the marketplace through customer satisfaction.

The application enables the company’s employees to make calls, send text messages, hold video conferences, multichannel customer support, live website chats, among other functions using the company’s broadband internet connection. Companies need internet protocol desk phones to make calls in traditional office settings. In addition to the app’s features, the software also has tools such as analytics, workflow automation, and survey tools that track customers’ information, which is essential in achieving your company’s objectives and goals. 

Companies can acquire the communication suite at reasonable price plans. The suite has three plans, essential, pro, and enterprise, each with different features. According to the Nextiva reviews, the Nextiva Business Communication Suite features vary with different plans.

The Nextiva Features

The features are classified into three main categories; productivity, collaboration features, and phone service features. 


The phone service category consists of features that enable users to manage calls over the platform. The features include unlimited calling within the United States and Canada, Free local & toll-Free number, dial by name directory, call controls, call continuity, call Forwarding, Call Waiting, call queues, and toll-free minutes. These entire features are available in all plans. However, the essential plan comes with a 1000 toll-free minutes, the pro comes with 2500 minutes, and the enterprise plan comes with 3000 toll-free minutes.

On the productivity category, the features include voicemail notifications and transcriptions, NextOS call pops, outlook, and Google integrations, call recordings, and voice analytics. On the essential and pro plan, voicemail messages are sent to the user as an audio message while the enterprise plan offers transcription services. With the productivity features, the users can create an automated survey and analytics to track customer activities and information.

The collaboration features include unlimited audio conference Calls, unlimited video calling, screen sharing with video and audio, mobile app calling and video, and team Messaging. The essential plan has an unlimited audio conference calls feature only that is accessible to only four participants. On the pro plan, the unlimited audio conference call feature is available to a maximum of forty participants and unlimited participants on the enterprise plan. 

Users can also install the Nextiva Business Communication Suite app to their smartphones, personal computers, and desktop computers to keep them connected even when they are away from the office. The app does not interfere with other application’s functionality. Using the app, employees can make calls, send messages, and share images while using the company’s caller ID. All they need to do is connect their phones and computers to the internet.

Nextiva Pricing 

The Nextiva Business Communication Suite has three plans with prices varying with the features, number of users, and contract duration. All three plans offer toll-free phone numbers, unlimited calls within the United States and Canada, 24/7 support, and unlimited faxing at no extra charges. However, taxes and toll-free calling charges are not included in the plan’s fee.  In addition to that, Nextiva Company sells and leases smartphones and converts legacy PBX phone systems to their clients at an additional charge. Nextiva Business Communication Suite software does not offer free trials in the basic plan.

The essential plan costs USD$3 per month per user for one to four users. It can also cost USD$33 per user for one to four users if the client pays for a 36-months contract. For 100 or more users, the basic plan costs USD$20 per month per user. Users get access to features in the essential plan only without extra charges. The basic plan is the cheapest.  

The pro plan costs USD$20 per person per month for a 36-month contract. It has all the basic program features plus one professionally recorded greetings, unlimited conferencing calls, unlimited web conferencing messages, team messaging, customer survey tools, and other functions. The pro plan also comes with 2500 toll-free minutes, unlike the basic plan that offers 1000 toll-free minutes.

The enterprise plan has the most integrated features. It has the entire elements in the pro plan. However, the enterprise plan comes with 3000 toll-free minutes, unlike essential and pro plans that offer 1000 and 2500 toll-free minutes, respectively. In addition to the pro plan features, the enterprise plan has analytic tools, voicemail voice-to-text transcription tools, live web chatting capabilities, custom dashboard, among others. The program cost 30 dollars per user per month for a 36-month contract

In conclusion, although Nextiva software is expensive, it is worth paying considering the advantages a user can reap from it. See the Nextiva Reviews for more information about the Nextiva Business Communication Suite.

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