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How to Send Mobile Money From MTN Uganda to Vodacom Tanzania

In February this year, MTN Uganda added Vodacom Tanzania to its list of telecom partners with whom customers can do mobile money transactions in the East African region. The new addition follows a success of the same service as Airtel Tanzania, and Tigo Tanzania.

With this partnership in place, the service now ease the process of sending and receiving money between the two telcos enabling people to safely, easily, affordably and conveniently carry out money transactions in the region in real time.

Prior to this, Mr. Epimack Mbeteni, Director Vodacom M-Pesa Tanzania during the partnership announcement, told journalists that both MTN and Vodacom subscribers were using informal money transfers channels including bus drivers and bus attendants or using relatives and friends traveling to send the money.

Sending Money From MTN Uganda Subscriber to Vodacom Tanzania Subscriber

  1. Dial *165*1*2# and select the preferred destination, which is Vodacom Tanzania in this case.
  2. You’re then prompted to enter their destination number, then the amount in Uganda shillings (the money will be automatically converted to Tanzania shillings).
  3. The customer will then receive a summary of the processing transaction; including the amount they are sending, the forex rates of the day, and the amount the recipient.
  4. Once confirmed, the sender inputs their mobile money pin prompt to confirm the transaction.

Notably, mobile money has grown to become a popular alternative to both cash and banks because of its ease to use, convenience, and security. The service can be used anywhere there is a mobile phone signal — one reason people have resorted to using it instead of banks.

Anyone with mobile phone can have a mobile money account. It’s so accessible, which makes it extremely useful in more remote parts of the world, where there no banks.

To register you MTN number for mobile money services, simply visit any MTN service centre with your national identification card and it will be done and activated in less than 24 hours.

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