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Editor’s Pick: Start Making Money With YouTube For Beginners

Making money off YouTube takes some time or probably not because it depends on your strategy, networks, and probably luck for beginners. In this article, we are going to be so brief so you can go a head a put the theory to test. But first you will need to know a few or three things you will need to know/have before starting out.

1. Google Account: You will by madortory need a Google account (which is free) for you to be in position to create a YouTube channel of your own.

2. Select Your Niche: Once you’re creating your channel you will have select a niche, topic you videos will be about. This can be technology — like product reviews such as; smartphones, automobiles, laptops etc. It can also be Photography, Cooking, Fashion, Travel, you name it. Once done, the next step is;

3. The Gear: You will finally need gear to make these videos. A camera with a good microphone to give better audio — your smartphone camera can work as well, PC or Laptop with the software to edit the videos, and Internet to upload your videos. We won’t go so much into the gear — but note that a good video with good audio helps your channel grow faster, thus take time to invest in equipment to better your videos.

Well, now that you have the three things mentioned above, and you start uploading your content, how are you going to make the money. Here are five ways how you can money on YouTube.

1. Adsense (YouTube Ads)
This is obviously the first thing majority will think of. But to be honest this won’t really pay may if you’re a beginner and you should stick to it much till you either have a good following or a viral video.

How this works, companies pay YouTube for Ad space on relevant channels. YouTube will select the channels to host on the Ads depending on the content you make. For instance; product reviews, YouTube will place Ads relating to something of that.

However, to be eligible to this, you have to monetize your videos. This allows YouTube to place Ads on your videos. But first, to be eligible for monetization, you need to have 1,000 subscribes and 4,000 4000 hours of watch time in 12 months.

YouTube will pay you per views and can only cash you out if you raise USD$100 monthly. You can then choose to withdraw the money or let it be there will it accumulates.

2. Affiliation
This is also used widely or a lot by YouTube Content Creators. It is easy, sign up for affiliation marketing with say Amazon, then make a video talking about the product, and share the affiliation link that when the person clicks on takes them direct to product or service. Once they make the purchase, you get a cut of the money.

3. Freelancing for Business
This could be the best for you so far. While your making video, feel free to mention that you can freelance if one needed your skills to work. Take for instance, if you’re into photography, you can freelance as a wedding photographer or commercial photographer and in this way you make some good income for yourself.

It is also best in the description of every video you upload share your business email address in case someone wants to work with you on a project.

4. Selling your own Merchandise
This is also another good way of making money through YouTube. If your products are genuine, good quality and affordable, be sure to make money. We won’t deep much into this, but we give an example of you selling T-shirts with your brand name to your subscribers.

5.Sponsorship and Brand Deals
Similar to affiliation, but this time around you’re approached by a company. The might give you a product to review, or a service to talk about and in return they pay you for it. At times if you are reviewing a product, they leave you the product and top on a small fee as well. Similar to services, you talk about the company’s service you provided your audience with a custom-made link for you to that service and you’re paid once the person purchases it. The good thing with this is you are at times paid double; one for talking about the service and second if someone uses your custom-made link to acquire the service.

Well, that is what we have for you. If you know other ways, please feel free to comment how to…


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