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How To Setup Your TECNO Spark 3

TECNO’s Spark 3 handset is so far the companies latest smartphone for 2019. The handset was officially launched in Uganda early this month along the Spark 3 Pro which is a bigger version of it mostly in terms of storage.

From our first hands-on of the TECNO Spark 3, to our first impression and then finally the review, we concluded that the handset is worth upgrade-able too as well as recommendable.

TECNO Spark 3 is an entry-level smartphone but with the final finish from TECNO Mobile it phone looks extremely premium as most high-end smartphones.

From the feel, touch, design, weigh and affordability makes the TECNO Spark 3 as one of the TECNO best smartphones yet.

In our unboxing article, we didn’t go into how to setup your phone after purchase. While most people won’t find this article helpful, some might.

Before you proceed, you will need to email accounts, 1. your google account and 2. boom music account (though it is not a MUST but it’s of an advantage to have it).

Purchasing the phone
The TECNO Spark 3 comes in four color options; Midnight Black, Champagne Gold, Bordeaux Red and Aqua Blue — priced at UGX429,000. The consumer then chooses the color of their choice.

Consumers are highly advised NOT to accept packages with broken seals. Only accept the package if the seal is broken right in your presence.

Unsealing the package, you see the TECNO Spark 3 in your color option appear on top. The accessories including; earphones, charging brick, data & charging cable appear underneath.

Setting up your TECNO Spark 3
It is recommended to charging your phone before powering it on for usage. However, every new phone comes at least with 25% battery life on. We still recommend you charge the phone before powering it on.

Charging up the phone to full can take up to 3 hours. The spark 3 does not support quick charge that can take up to 2 hours to full charge.

Before powering on the phone, insert your sim cards first. Now the sim card size that goes into the phone are nano-sims. >> Open the back lid of the spark 3 to insert the cards including; your expandable microSD card. Once done inserting the sim and microSD card, go a head and power on the phone.

On powering the phone, your asked to select your language of preference. HINT. The language can be then changed at a later date in setting if the consumer prefers to.

Go forth — answer a series of questions asked which include; inputting your google account, country selection, fingerprint, faceID, among others. Overall it will take you nearly 5 or less minutes on setup. The fingerprint and faceID alone take less than 1 minute.

After setup, you notice the phone comes with the usual pre-installed apps. But Tecno adds WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram as the pre-installed apps.

With internet connections available either by Wi-Fi or mobile data, head to Playstore to update apps of your choice. It is recommended to update the apps for better user experience.

Boom Music
TECNO Spark 3 comes with a boom music app from Tecno. The usual app was got rid of for the new app. The boom music allows you to listen and stream music online. It also allows you watch videos and gives news feed as well, connect with artists among other things.

With the app you can download (by purchasing) music videos or audios to listen to offline.

The account can offer these premium features if you have an account with them. You don’t necessarily need an account to use the app. You can use it without since it will be in position to read your files.

To get an account, go a head and sign up for one.

Well! Your account is pretty much set and your good to go.

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