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Editor’s Pick: 5 Infinix S4 Stand Out Features

Infinix S4 is the newest handset device from Infinix Mobility this year. And so far, we can say — its the company best produced smartphone so far.

Through our first impression, hands on and final review, the Infinix S4 impressed us. The performance good, build & design well put — presenting the classy and premium look for high-end smartphones.

This therefore explains why we rate so far as Infinix’s best smartphone produced so far. It coming with the latest smartphone features counts a lot, including; the much improvement from its predecessor; the Infinix S3.

Our editor selects the top 5 stand out features on the smartphone;

1. Water-Drop Notch
The Infinix S4 is the first local smartphone with the water-drop notch feature come through to Uganda. The notch is currently among the latest trend features on smartphones this year. Manufacturers such as; Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, among others have already adopted this feature.

As a local brand, we applaud Infinix Mobility with keeping up with the latest technology trends. It is a fact that most smartphone holders are not fans of notch displays. It currently being the rectangle ‘normal’ notch that’s embedded on most phones. As it came more of hardware, manufacturers have now made more software — as users can now hide it from settings. Hiding the notch, then makes the display look a bit weird compared to having it. Therefore it’s better to have it than hide it.

With the water-drop notch, in our opinion is more comfortable than the rectangle ‘normal’ cut-out.

2. 30MP Front Facing Camera
The camera is the most selling point or the key highlight of the Infinix S-series smartphones. In that the ‘s’ stands for selfie.

Infinix upgraded the sensor on the Infinix S4 compared to its predecessor that had a 20MP with an aperture of f/2.0. Well the S4 comes with a 30MP sensor with the same aperture f/2.0 — the wide opening to cover portrait shots with the bokeh effect. To add, it’s the first smartphone to launch in Uganda with such a big sensor.

The 30MP camera is housed in the water-drop notch — which makes it appear more comfortable if not known about notch display, one might think it’s just the camera design.

The picture quality from the 30MP is good and presentable, thanks to its integrated AI technology.

3. Huge Display
Huge displays are of a biggest advantage to at least the majority of smartphone holders. The S4 comes with a 6.2-Inch IPS LCD supporting an aspect screen ratio of 19:9 and a resolution of 1520 x 720 pexels.

Displaying the Infinix S4. First Infinix smartphone with a water-drop notch and a 32MP front camera.
Displaying the Infinix S4. First Infinix smartphone with a water-drop notch and a 32MP front camera.

The company pulled down the side bezels to give the S4 a huge display. This gives better content and entertainment viewership. For instance, if a user is reading an article, it limits on over scrolling. Having to read something long on a single or two or three scrolls is a highest advantage on huge display smartphones.

4. Android 9.0 Pie
The Infinix S4 comes with the latest mobile operating system from Google — upgraded from the Oreo version seen on the predecessor. The mobile OS was first launched for the Pixel smartphones in Aug. 2018, with the rest/most of the smartphones getting the update around March 2019. Therefore, it is nice to see that the Infinix S4 is among them to have Android 9 (pie).

One huge advantage with the mobile OS is the adaptive battery feature. Utilizing AI tech, the OS is able to detect and understand which apps the user is most likely to use. The OS then optimizes the smartphone’s CPU usage which can, in turn, improve battery performance by up at least 30%. A smart way to save battery consumption.

5. XOS Cheetah v5.0.0 UI
The company’s customized UI sits on the Android 9 (Pie) — happening to be the newest and latest UI from Infinix Mobility and comes on the S4 as its first smartphone.

The Android 9 (pie) on the Infinix S4 is coupled with the new XOS cheetah v5.0.0 which cleaned out to provide convenience and speed.
The Android 9 (pie) on the Infinix S4 is coupled with the new XOS cheetah v5.0.0 which cleaned out to provide convenience and speed.

XOS Cheetah v5.0.0 is fully optimized to offer faster app operation speeds and higher network speeds due to its seamless integration for optimum performance.

While scrolling through the apps — appears smooth and more swift. In general, Infinix Mobility looks to have totally cleaned out the UI compared to its other predecessor. Couple with Android 9 (Pie), the performance of the S4 is best.

The S4 phone is priced at UGX585,000 available in Midnight Black, Nebula Blue, and Twilight Purple color options.


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