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You Can Now Control Who Adds You To WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp on Wednesday announced it was rolling out a new feature to its app, that lets users decide whether or not to be added in a group. Previously, the user would be automatically be added to a group without their consent and would be up to them to quit or stay.

In a press statement, WhatsApp said on Wednesday that through the new feature, users would have more control over group messages and invitation they receive.

The feature was revealed last month as it were seen in beta versions of the app, but now goes official. However, it’s still in selected countries, and WhatsApp plans on rolling out worldwide in the coming weeks.

To restrict from joining new groups without your consent, users can set the invite feature in settings. Head to Account >> Privacy >> Groups, and from here who can add you to groups, Nobody, My Contacts, or Everyone.

“Everyone” — will let anyone add you to a group, without invitation (this is the current setting in the app). “My Contacts” — allows an admin, who is in the users’ contact list, to add the group. Finally, “Nobody” — will block everyone from adding you to a group minus your consent.

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